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Welcome to EnGAYged Weddings!

We're an on-line wedding directory that brings loving, committed same-sex couples together with top-notch wedding vendors who are thrilled to support them. That's been our full-time focus - since 2009.


Local Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual & Trans Wedding Planning Guides

Also Find the Best LGBT Honeymoon Spots & Destination LGBT Wedding Locations Here!


We're different than the other Lesbian and Gay Wedding Directories because we actually speak to our wedding vendors and get to know them before we list them on our website! 


Here at EnGAYged Weddings, you will find wedding professionals that are proud to provide wedding services and support to Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender couples. Unlike the other directories - we do not have an automated on-line sign-up process for gay wedding advertising.


Every wedding vendor on this website has been personally interviewed by the owners of EnGAYged Weddings, and each wedding business is guaranteed to be either LGBT friendly, operated or owned.


Plan Your LGBT Wedding, Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony, or LGBT Wedding Ceremony with EnGAYged Weddings!

EnGAYged Weddings is the ONLY on-line directory for gay wedding advertising that gets to know it's wedding vendors before they are listed. This is the largest verified gay wedding planning directory for Lesbian and Gay Weddings, Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies, Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies, Holy Unions, Domestic Partnerships, and Reciprocal Beneficiary Rights on the internet!


Finally! A Lesbian and Gay Wedding Directory that provides you with all the sophistication, class, and respect that you both deserve - where our community of partners and wedding vendors will help empower you to turn your dream wedding, Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony, or destination wedding into a reality!


The EnGAYged Weddings On-Line Community

We are all here to help you with every important detail concerning your special day. We are committed to making your day just as perfect and wonderful as the two of you are. You've both been dreaming about your wedding day forever. Your day is finally here!


On EnGAYged Weddings, you will find a welcoming community of gay couples, gay friendly wedding vendors, gay owned wedding businesses, and LGBT Groups and Resources. You'll be able to share your EnGAYgement story, and wedding planning ideas with other newly EnGAYged couples and professional wedding vendors!


Our Goal Is Globally Recognized Marriage Equality

We hope that over the next year we will see even more countries provide equal rights and opportunities for all couples who truly love one another and are ready to say "I Do" for the long haul!


Join Us - Learn With Us - Grow With Us

Keep up to date by following us on EnGAYged Weddings on Twitter - with marriage equality news stories in your home state and across the world! Follow EnGAYged Weddings on Pinterest for LGBT Wedding Planning Inspiration, Party Planning, Recipes, and DIY! Follow EnGAYged Weddings on Facebook for LGBT Wedding Photos.


Wedding Professionals are invited to learn more about our sign-up process by visiting LGBT Friendly Wedding Advertising.

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These are the EnGAYged Weddings Editors' Picks! Featuring REAL LGBT Weddings that were recently performed by our Wedding Vendors!

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