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Our love story hasn't always been a fairy tale, but hey that's reality. Erin and I met in the summer of 2010, through an online dating website. Our first date was at the local Starbucks. It was suppose to be a quick coffee meet and greet but ended up being 4 hours of talking and getting to know each other. As cliche as it sounds I knew after that date she was the person who I could finally tell the world about. You see we both had not come out to our families, I guess you could say we are late bloomers as she was 26 and myself 28. I think maybe it's because neither of us had found the one to feel comfortable and supportive enough to support the hard process of coming out in small town Ohio and all the judgment that goes with it. We finally found that in each other. Not only is being gay a challenge in society we also had to add into the mix my daughter who at the time was 6. Erin has stepped up I even think most days she is a better mother than myself. As a 6 year old not quite understanding the meaning of being gay and thinking it should be a mommy and daddy, we have raised her to understand not all families are the same and that's okay! Our daughter doesn't play favorites with us, she realizes she has two moms and knows that we both love her. Our love story has many different chapters including being best friends, family vacations, buying a new home, experiencing the death of a parent, adding a four legged fury puppy, becoming engaged, and simply being soul mates. The obvious chapters that are missing is our wedding, and growing old together. I feel like we deserve the perfect wedding. We are unable to wed in the state of Ohio, the cost to throw a wedding in a different state with our family and loved ones is not a possibility at this time. Winning this wedding would allow us to finally fulfill our love for each other and our family. Thanks for listening to our story!


-Lisa & Erin  Twinsburg, Ohio



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