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Sara worked with my best friend. They were coworkers, working together as EMTs for a private ambulance company here in St. Louis, MO. I was single and dating. My friend Kayla said she had someone at work she thought I might be interested in. I asked to see a picture. I thought she was incredibly attractive so I told Kayla to tell her I thought she was cute. Kayla informed Sara of what I said..her response was "Is she single?" Pictures were shown and Sara reciprocated the attraction. I then told Kayla to give Sara my number. We started texting and it was about a week later that we met up. I was to have friends over for a get together on Sunday evening. She showed up Saturday night. We didn't chat too much seeing as that she had been drinking amd I was fresh off work (I'm a server), lounging around in sweatpants and a tank top. It took us a month or so to become official. I wasn't sure I wanted a relationship (I was scared, my last relationship ended to badly). We had both been recently burned but the attraction was so strong. Come to find out, the first time she saw me, she said she got butterflies. I just couldn't stop smiling. We had some rough times in the beginning, events you wouldn't expect to have in a fresh relationship, but they happened nonetheless. She stuck around. She was/is different from anyone I've been with before. Sara is the ying to my yang and it's perfect. I wouldn't have it any other way. It became clear as day for me when I realized I couldn't stay mad at her when we would bicker or argue. I'm notorious for holding a grudge and not thinking before I speak sometimes but with her I can't. She makes me giggle and laugh when I'm trying to be serious. It's a feeling I haven't ever experienced before. We have been together nearly 2 years as of now, by time the wedding comes along, it will be 4 yrs. I'm used to dating the assholes and same with her. Bad relationships with shitty people is what we were used to until we found each other. By no means are we perfect and every day is kittens and rainbows, cause it isn't, but we have vowed to stick together through thick and thin. I don't think she understands how much I am honored to be hers and how in awe I am of the job she does. Being am EMT isn't easy. I want to give her everything she wants and this wedding would be one of those things. We feel we deserve to win this wonderful opportunity because we are givers. We are always helping out someone. We don't get to do a lot for ourselves. Don't take it the wrong way when I say that, we enjoy helping people(family/friends) because without the nice people in this world, what do you have? There aren't many nice folks left and if there are, they're hiding. We just want everyone to get to share and bask in the love we have for one another. Like I mentioned earlier, Sara is an EMT and I am a server. We don't have boat loads of money coming in so with this as a possibility, we could have the wedding we dream of. We have a two-year engagement planned out specifically so we have the time to plan and save. September 30,2016 is our set date and it's our date because unfortunately I had a friend, a really close friend, murdered. We wanted to bring light to such negativity. She was the most amazing person you could have hoped to meet and it was an utter travesty to have her go in the manner she did. If you could consider us and find us worthy of this opportunity, we would be forever grateful. We are Ashley Wade and Sara Pieper of St. Louis, MO.



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