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Hello my name is Melissa ( I am the one on the left) my beautiful partner (on the right) is Victoria. I am sending this email in, in hopes of winning a wonderful wedding getaway. Seeing all that you do for couples like us brings tears to my eyes. I never knew this day would come. The day were I met my fiance. From the moment I saw her there was an instant connection. We both felt it, and it made us very nervous. You see, I was very unhappy and coming out of a relationship I had been in for 12 years. It was with a man. I had been struggling all my life to come out but thought I could hide it. But every day it got harder. until the unhappiness made me very ill. I owed it to my kids to be true to myself and be who I am am. When I met Victoria she also was coming out of a relationship were she was cheated on. This relationship was very toxic and caused her to not open up and trust love. We met at work, became great friends. One thing led to another and we started this wonderful relationship that I am grateful for every day! The moment we decided to be together I was so happy! I couldn't keep my hands off her! I was holding her hand, kissing her in public, hugging her and feeling so filled with love! I didn't have to hide anymore! I wasn't scared to do these things in public. Victoria wasn't use to this. She loved it, but nobody ever felt comfortable to do these things with her. She was so used to hiding her affection. We were able to tear down the walls, the ones we had been hiding behind for years to protect ourselves our hearts from being hurt. We developed the kind of trust and love that you usually only see in your very first relationship. You know the love you give when you don't know how someone else can hurt you. We were able to connect at such a deep level. I never take that for granted. She is my heart and soul. And the day she asked me to marry her was one of the best days of my life! I can't wait to start this new adventure. She is the best step-mom to my boys and the greatest partner. This family we have created is a blessing. Thank you for letting me share our story.



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