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My name is Tabatha and my girlfriend theresa and I would love to be married and be life partners till death do us part. We both are From north west indiana, Portage indiana to be exact. Unfortunately bad luck has always been on ourside. Ill take you back to when we met. When we met we became best friends, People who just clicked. She was dating one of my other best friends Brandi and i was dating Brandis best friend brooke. The two girls had both cheated on us and played us. That was when we both got even closer and threw our hands up in the air. We both wanted to meet other people but we both don't like sleeping around with random people, so one day I had randomly texted her after texting her all day and asked her if she wanted to play tennis? Just be best friends with benefits and not sleep with anyone else. She had agreed and we both met at a mutal friends house, that was when she kissed me, Sparks flew. I never believed in true love or the falling in love after the first kiss. That all changed when she turned around on the porch stairs And gave me a kiss, a kiss like no one has ever kissed me. Things grew from there but we couldn't tell anyone about the way we felt about each other cause people wouldn't understand, but it wasn't for anyone to understand. After two months of talking we moved in with each other and i had a friend hold her off from coming home, while my daughter and i went and got flowers and we wrote on paper a little poem that had her start from home and lead her to us at the beach at the end of the pier. In between there was poems that made her search all over the city to find my daughter and I. The last poem said now that youve reached this point you have the decision to turn around and walk away and still remain friends or take this clue and continue to travel north and ill be waiting for you at the end to get and answer of being my girlfriend. We have had a lot of obstacles in the way of people throwing at us but we have always stood strong holding each others hand never falling out of love but everyday making a difference and helping eachother grow into a better person. She lost her mother and father a few years ago so i will never get that opportunity to ever meet meet them or have that relationship but i do pray and hope that she can hear me and ask her all the time if its okay to start a family with her. We both want more kids with each other. We want to make a difference we are wanting to be the people that when people see us they say i want a love like that, i want to push through and love like they do unconditionally. My 4 year old daughter is always bringing me her piggy bank telling me she wants us to get married cause she wants to call Theresa mommy and i told her we do not have enough money to get married. So every day she brings me her bank and say i can pay for everything so you guys can get married. We are the type of people who once we say I DO, there is no divorce. It means forever and till death do us part. It means working through everything and solving problems that come our way. Thank you for taking the time to read the brief part of our love story.



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