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We grew up in Knoxville, TN but now we live in Loudon, TN with my two daughters. We have known each other all of lives because I went all the way through school and graduated with her older brother. In high school she was a Freshman when I was a Senior so we knew each other and were acquaintances but we were not best of friends. After I graduated I moved on to college and then married my high school sweetheart which gave me twin daughters and ended in divorce. I married again and that one ended in divorce as well. Then I found myself in my first lesbian relationship with the most negative and self centered person anyone would ever meet. Being with her ruined my relationship with my kids and I was just in a downward spiral. Stacy came back into my life about 3 years ago and we talked occasionally but never thought anything about a relationship but over the last 8 months we started talking more and I finally met up with her to share in a business opportunity that I had started. Then are friendship was rekindled. Over the weeks we were talking she asked me if I realized that staying with the woman I was living with had destroyed my relationship with my kids and my personality was becoming as negative as hers when I was typically a happy, caring, and loving person. I ended the relationship with the woman I was living with and I made the move to go out with Stacy in September 2015. Stacy and I have been inseparable ever since. My relationship with my kids (who are 15) has been repaired now and they really enjoy spending time with us. They even introduce us as their moms which had never happened in the past with my other girlfriend. On Christmas morning Stacy proposed to me and although she knew I was going to say yes she got down on one knee and was actually shaking because she was so nervous. Since she is not a girly as me she originally did not want to have an engagement ring but recently she decided she did since this was going to be her one and only marriage. Since my kids are with me on Valentine’s day we celebrated this past weekend and then I surprised her with a personalized New York Yankees Jersey and an engagement ring. She is always the strong one and usually does not cry but this touched her so much that she cried (so did I). So now we are planning a small and intimate wedding on Luau Beach at the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World on June 1st since same sex marriage is not legal in Tennessee yet but it is in Florida. Our wedding is going to be orange and white because orange is our favorite color and of course we are Tennessee Vols fans too. I am wearing an Oleg Cassini dress with an orange petty coat with an orange and white polka dot sash. Stacy plans to wear khaki pants, white shirt, an orange paisley vest and tie, with orange Chucks. One of my daughters will be her Best Girl and my other daughter my maid of honor. We are really looking forward to our wedding day but cannot afford to have many family or friends with us at the destination wedding due to expense. We do plan to have a reception back at home in Tennessee during the summer of early fall and a real honeymoon to follow around Thanksgiving in Hawaii if we can save enough money to did it. Having this lovely wedding package you are offering would be lovely. I hope we hear from you in the near future.



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