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Hi, my name is Naomi and I wanted to tell you a little bit of our story.
I met my fiance Sandy almost two years ago online and we haven't stopped speaking since lol. When we met she introduced herself as a nurse, working the overnight hours at a nursing home. She explained that she had three kids and that they were her everything. I could tell there was something about her right away, I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to meet her kids, and I wanted to make memories with this women that I found myself falling more and more in love with.
I took her out for our first date on her birthday. We had dinner then we went dancing. We laughed that night because we were stopped by an older couple that had to know just how long we had been together because the two of us just looked so in love...If you would of only seen there faces when they found out it was our first date lol. I instantly fell in love with our kids. As of right now we have two boys and a girl, our boys are 18 and 7. While our princess is 15 looking forward to her sweet 16 party she wants to have later this year.
We have overcome a lot together. Even to the point were we were forced out on the streets and homeless for a few months due to sexual discrimination. But like all family's we have our ups and downs. Bring us closer every step of the way.
I can't see myself without this amazing women in my life. I know it's cle shay to say this but it's true...I never truly knew how mind blowing true love could actually be until I looked into her eyes and earned the love and trust our her kids. I feel honored just to proudly say I know her. But there aren't enough words to describe how it feels to fall asleep with her in my arms. She tells me I'm beautiful in my toughest of times, while she holds me up like I've never been held before.
I was finally able to propose to her this past new years eve while at a gathering at her sisters house. I was so nervous! Thankfully our niece helped everything run smoothly. When the clock struck midnight. The lights went down making our at the time 6 year old visible, holding a boutique of flowers with a diamond ring tied to the front. Everything was silent while I dropped down to one knee behind our son and took the flowers from his hands. Looking up at Sandy I noticed that she was just starting to understand what was happening. I looked her in the eyes and a tempted to pour my heart out, although I believe more tears pour out then anything lol. When I was done she grabbed me by the back of the neck, pulled me while whispering...yes. At that moment the whole family jumped out yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR!! While our daughter captured it all on camera :). Talk about felling like time stopped moving for us. That is a memory that no one will ever be able to take away from us and the best party is that our kids were able to share it with us.
We hope to have an Alice and Wonderland themed wedding in New Hampshire at The Searles castle on 9/9/16.
I know there are a lot of couple madly in love and all deserve this prize and I wish them all the best of luck. I just wanted to share our story with everyone in hopes that it might bring you a small smile or possibly even hope. Sandy is my one and only. The women I will be sharing my last name with. The women I would give my everything for.
Thank you



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