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Cyborg romance:

“What love lays bare in me is energy.” Roland Barthes, A Lover's Discourse

In January 2014 Roberto scrolled down adam4adam's list of nearby men searching for the man of his life (well man of the night would have been fine too). Suddenly this beautiful man shows up on the screen wearing an adorable hat.

After seen enough of nude shoots Roberto had to send a wink to this guy, even though he noticed nearby was not so close to London but in Denver.
Getting a wink back Roberto and Rondell started conversations that turned out to be life changing.

Roberto had just split up with his ex but Rondell was still together with his partner at the time. Everyday they chatted online which now had moved to facebook. They supported each other emotionally and comparing notes on how bad both their relationships been. Non of them thought they would be together, its too far and complicated. They were cynical enough about love and long distance relationship to only keep it to friendship but still expressed that they fancied each other.

Roberto looked at Rondell's facebook photos thinking for himself how he never would get such a beautiful, fun and caring man. Their long distance friendship got stronger and they spoke once or twice a day.

Rondell and Roberto both came from relationship difficulties and understood each other very well plus there is only 1 years difference between them which is a plus side.
Rondell had booked a trip to London before they got to know each other so they would meet in August 2014. In June Roberto asked Rondell if he wanted to stay at his rather then hotel. This was arranged and they were finally going to meet.
Just before Rondell's arrival Roberto's ex had a "gay breakdown" (the one where too much fun been done while frolicking at group events) and shall we say he was a bit "crazy" and stayed at Roberto's for 4 days.

Roberto knew he had 4 days to sort this out before Rondell's arrival and ironically Rondell's ex had a breakdown (for other reasons) at the same time across the other side of the Atlantic. So the two had lots of comparable notes for each other and an unexpected life similarity.
In the morning of Rondell's arrival Roberto finally managed to send off his ex to his family and could get on with cleaning the flat and buying fresh flowers.

The second they met at the tube station they realised they were the ones!

5 fast days in London and Rondell had made friends with all of Roberto's friends.

The two kept crying while cooking dinners, making salsa and pouring Prosecco together as they realised they haven't felt so happy for a long time and they could not let each other slip away into the abyss of life.

On the last day at Paddington station the tears flooded the platform and even Roberto's dog Punkino ran back after they had walked away as the train left to Heathrow.

In the next 2 weeks it was decided that they had to be together and the planning to make this happen begun. It was decided Rondell would come in 2015 to live for 6 months in UK and then the two would decide where to relocate.

2-3 times a day they chat on facebook, facetime, skype or any other apps to share the everyday with each other.

In December 2014, Roberto went to Denver to spend Christmas with Rondell. Yet again they felt like they always known each other. Despite the -5.8 F (-21 celsius too cold for Roberto) and snow storm, their passions and love kept the house warm (even though the shampoo froze to ice in the bathroom).

For 10 days Roberto got to meet Rondell's friends and clicked with them as well as Rondell did with his friend. It was like they always known each other.

During the stay Roberto had decided to propose to Rondell. The week before his travel he called every shop in London which stocked the designer ring he had decided to get but with no luck. Luckily after calling Bjorg agent in Norway he got the number to the designer head office in Germany and managed to get if fedexed in time for his arrival in Denver.

On the second of January 2015 he went down on his knee in the snow and asked Rondell to share his life with him. Before the question were asked Rondell who never been proposed for (Roberto has never proposed either) was first concerned with Roberto's knee getting cold and wet....but shortly realised that was not so important.
He said yes!

Roberto even asked Rondell's dad for permission to marry his son (even though that was done after his dad's facebook complained) was approved!

Now it was only to plan the future. In January 2015 they decided to get married in Miami in August 2015. Many exciting discussions about outfits (Rick Owenesque style but covered up) to invitations cards and where to have the ceremony started immediately and Rondell discovered he is marrying a Godzilla wife.

But Rondell and Roberto manages to yin&yang each others worry and calms and plan their dream together with shared ideas.
Roberto being an artist and Rondell a musician they hoping to have a beautiful day however the flower arrangements or outfits turns out to look.

For 19 years ago one of Roberto's ex infected him with HIV, never did he think he be alive at 38 or get married and plan a family with a beautiful Denver man wearing a frog hat and who would accept him for who he is and not be rejected because of a virus. Future is quite marvelous.

So this is our cyborg serendipity love story that sees no border limits or barriers. At 37 and 38 both have learnt from their own past mistakes and now know when it is right and The One has arrived.

We know the competition might only be for two USA residents but we hope you still consider our story as we all know love has no limits.

"Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.'
Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'" Erich Fromm



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