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We met in 2006 at work. When we got together, all we had was our love. When I first saw Monique, I was blown away. She is absolutely beautiful. We started dating and it was during the time when her mother had just passed away from colon cancer. She was devastated. Monique has three children and it was a transition because they did not accept her being with a woman at first. We went through so much with that because they were used to her being with men. The issues with the children not accepting the relationship, put a huge strain on it and we ended up having to have counseling. We were currently going from place to place and not really settled due to finances. We couldn't afford a wedding so we had a commitment ceremony in November 2013. At our ceremony, we didn't have money to have a reception. We had five of my family members come up and two very close friends and that was all we had. Monique family didn't come because of the fact that we are a lesbian couple and they were not very accepting of our relationship. All of the people there made up the wedding party so we had only two people in the chairs. It was a beautiful ceremony but not a wedding nor was it what we dreamed of. Our rings were purchased from Walmart and were less than $200. We didn't have a honeymoon and It's always been my dream to take my partner somewhere really nice. I think this opportunity would be a blessing to me and my partner and make us smile like we have never smiled before. Just two years ago, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer as well so it's hard on me like it was hard on Monique when we first started dating. It seems like it's a replay of time and I think this wedding is needed for us right now.



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