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We Met In November in 2011, Right Away we clicked, we started dating and spending all of our time with each other, Our Families right away accepted us being together, we moved in with each other in January 2012, we right away got two puppies and started Our life together. I never been so in love with somebody we feel complete when we are with each other and we have helped each other out so much, Monique went back to school to better her life, she takes care of me and spoils me like no other, I told my mom I wanna marry her but it's not legal? I still proposed and she said yes! Now that it's legal in our state we want to get married, but it's so expensive, I wanna give her the wedding of her dreams. We are the perfect couple, I never felt this way for somebody, me and her have been thru a lot in life and we have a lot of similarities I think that's why we understand each other, she's been by my side thru everything. She's my best friend, my it her half and my love. I hope I can win this for us, she will be so happy! It was tough in the beginning because we were completely opposite of each other but now it's all worth what we been thru in the past! Our phone number is 7206609219 Laree Martinez. I will pray for this to happen! I hope it does so I can marry the woman of my dreams!



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