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Danielle and I met in high school when she was a freshman and I was a junior. She joined the Environmental Club I was running at the time and that is the first time I remember meeting her. As I found out recently, after seeing me around school and developing a crush on me, she joined the club to get to know me. I wish I would have known! Unfortunately, I was still figuring myself out during high school and had a boyfriend that i dated throughout the rest of high school. Respectfully Danielle, once finding out I had a boyfriend, stopped trying to pursue me in that way. However, Danielle and I did became casual acquaintances during high school and I have fond memories of her. I remember how pretty I thought she was even then. Since I was in a relationship for the time that we knew each other in high school, Danielle and I sort of went our separate ways after I graduated and went to college. We occasionally would speak through social media over the next couple years. Once Danielle graduated from high school and went to college we finally had the opportunity to reconnect at an mutual friend's birthday party. At this time I had pretty much started figuring myself out and starting to accept I was gay. I remember reconnecting with her at our friend's party and thinking "I wonder if she thinks I am pretty too. I wonder if she would go on a date with me." It is at this point our love story gets pretty ironic. Danielle thought I was dating the female friend I showed up to the party with and even though she still liked me did not say anything because she though I was with another girl. It was not until a few weeks later she found out we were not dating. Then to make things more complicated the female friend I had brought to that party asked Danielle out on a date. Needless to say I felt a little heartbroken. My friend had told me she was interested in Danielle and I did not want to get in the way especially after had agreed to go on a date with her. To be honest I got jealous and ultimately and unfortunately ended up losing my friend because of it. However, I was able to put my feelings aside and Danielle and I became close friends. As it turned out the friend who had asked Danielle on a date had to go on a long study abroad trip shortly after their first date so they had decided to continue to be single and pick up after she got back if they both were still single. Over the next couple months I did everything I could to be respectful to Danielle and my old friend and not pursue Danielle in any romantic way. Long story short, I couldn't wait any longer and we FINALLY started dating. It took me only a few weeks to fall in love with her and a few months to move in together. The best way I can say it is I felt like I was waiting my whole life to be with Danielle. We all have our own flaws and faults. Mine is chronic depression. I have spent a large percentage of my life waking up and my first thought being "Damn, I have to live through another day.". Now I wake up and I smile because I have the most amazing, smart, beautiful, kind, loving woman laying right next to me. Needless to say, a year after we started dating, I proposed. We tackle everything together from my depression and her anxiety to homophobic and racist southerns to paying bills to figuring out life. She is my partner, my rock, the ying to my yang. She is everything to me and I feel her love every single day. Some people say at 21 and 24 we are too young to marry. That's not how I see it. I see it as I get to spend even more of my life being married to her and living my life with her.

We are doing everything we can to save for our wedding and honeymoon. That being said we have had our share of struggles entering the "real world" with unexpected events bringing medical, car payment, and student loan bills. I think we do pretty good though all things considered. Danielle deserves the world though and a lovely wedding and honeymoon would make her so happy. I know we will be happy no matter what, but I want her to have it all for her wedding day she, above anyone I know, deserves it.

We live in Metro Atlanta, GA in a city called Marietta. We are still waiting for our love to be "legal" here but that does not stop us from wanting to tie-the-knot as soon as we can. I am not a great writer, but I can not tell you how great of a person Danielle is. She deserves this so much. You will find pictures of us attached. Thank for your time and consideration of us for this Giveway! May whomever that wins experience joy and happiness!



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