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Where to start. Well my name is Misty and my fiance name is Elizabeth. We have been together since August 8, 2012. We first met in Elgin Middle School in Elgin, Texas, I was a 8th grader and Elizabeth was a 7th grader. One day in between classes I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and Elizabeth (Liz) pushed me up against the lockers and kissed me. I felt alive and it was truly AMAZING. That next day I went to go look for her, and she was no where yo be found. I was sad I didn't know what had happened to her. My family and I ended up moving that weekend to Austin, Texas. 10 years later I was on Meetme.com trying new things out, and that's when I saw a status on there from Elizabeth saying what her next project car should be a 66 stang or a 68 fastback. I replied with the 68 fastback. After that we were talking and skyping everyday as I was in Kansas and she was in Texas. She begged and begged to be my girl. After a week and her begging and on her knees I said yes. In October 2012 my son Jayden and I moved down here to be a family. Elizabeth was pregnant due in January. Now our family is one and even though it has not been easy, but we have a bond that can NEVER be broken!!! We are untouchable and in love!! And we would LOVE to be as one!!! Now we have 2 beautiful kids together Jayden Smith who is now 6, will be 7 in April and Summer who is 2 since January. We are a happy family!! And would love the chance to get the wedding we both have dreamed of.
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