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Hello My name is Rob and my Fiancé’s name is Michael. Our story is not the romantic, movie inspired love story that everyone wants to have. I live in Pittsburgh PA and Michael is from Cleveland OH, that in itself is an issue like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. Us “burgh’ers” do not have anything to do with Cleveland!! I received a “hey” from a headless torso from Cleveland on gay.com. A hey not a Hello, Hi, greeting and salutations but a hey?!?! So it went ignored. I was looking for a serious relationship, not some random hook up anymore and had actually just signed up for match.com 2 days previous and was looking to delete the “booty call” apps. I again receive a hey message from the headless Cleveland torso, still not interested, so it again was ignored. On the 4th “hey” it was accompanied by an “it’s rude not to respond when someone says hello”. Where was the hello? It was a hey from headless, not a hello. I was in a mood that evening so off I blasted a how dare you ….headless….no manners ect… text back to Mr. headless and I felt much better about myself! His response was to “get over yourself and let’s chat”. I literally laughed out loud and had to take a look at my pompous self to realize that this guy just wanted to have mindless chat. I accepted his challenge and the chatting began.
Over the next few weeks it became more than just superficial chat. He had a head and a cute face, a name, and real life grown up goals and values. As our chats stepped away from the usual booty call talk here was a man that peeked my interest and I wanted to get to know, being ever cautious of an out of town’er , I proceeded with caution. He had actually lived in my town years back, was a tennis pro at the local country club, knew about some little out of the way restaurants in town and actually had a friend about a mile from my home. I had not mentioned the exact location of my home and allowed him to tell stories of the area and sights and sounds. This is nothing you can Google and I was hooked. We decided to meet in person to see if there was a real attraction or not. We both drove half way and met for the 1st time, on the TURNPIKE…..so romantic. It was a Starbucks though, and very clean. Well we hit it off and have been together for 15 months.
I had been married before and had not come out to my father. Since Michael became part of my life, he allowed me to come to terms with my own fear in telling my father who I really am. While coming out to friends and other family, (no one was shocked, so much for my straight acting award!) was not difficult, telling my father was the worst fear I have ever faced. Michael told me that he is not the reason I should tell my father, but would be my support after if I needed it. So the big reveal happened on Christmas day 2014 and was the best conversation I have ever had with my father.
Michael has been out and proud since his college days and I am catching up on some missed time. We are together creating a future that ensures that we will support each other, create lasting memories and continue our journeys hand in hand. Getting married to each other as soul mates is exciting and groundbreaking. We are proud to support our rights as Humans, to share love with each other. Everyone deserves to be who they are and love whomever they want to love.
Thanks for reading our story!



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