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I keep trying to figure out how to write this I don't want to give to much detail or not enough so I have decided to just write what comes to me.
Back in July of 2005 I was staying with my sister she lived in a apartment complex. I was leaving to go to the store as I am rounding the corner I see her. This is the one everyone talks about the one who's appearance is appealing to just about everyone. She was intriguing everyone wanted to know her story. But no one was willing to make the contact. At this point she was given the nickname as "Butch". A month past and still no one has gotten up to guts to even speak to her. I was shy and not outgoing in any way. I was the girl that hid behind everyone. I happened to be out one night I remember the exact night August 22nd 2005. Hanging out with my sister and some friends. I am people watching looking around and there she was "Butch". She was up at the counter ordering a drink something took over my shyness and next thing I knew I was standing there next to her asking her if she was there with anyone. To my complete surprised she said no. Next thing I knew we were on the dance floor dancing. And before I knew it she was gone. I was left with just the cloud I was on from being able to just have those moments with her. I went home that night wondering would she remember that we talked that we danced.. Of course when returning home I had to make it known that I danced with "Butch" yes at that point she was still "Butch".. Because I couldn't remember her name. I don't even know if I asked her what her name was.. I was so out of my element by just asking her to dance. The next afternoon some friends and I. We're siting outside just talking about my night and all that had taken place. Then next thing I knew she had come out of the building next door! Again I was in shock and trying to hide. I couldn't bring myself to make that bold move again.. Tons of questions ran through my mind like what I she don't remember last night. What if it's a normal night for her. What if she was in a relationship. Well a friend ended up walking over saying hi and asking just to double check if she was the girl I danced with last night. Then they both were heading back over to me and the rest of my friends... I was freaking out trying to run back in the house. Like I said I was a really shy person. So my friend walks over and says "hey guys this is my new friend April!" I thought to my self wow finally a name. Then introduced her to us saying when he got to me "April this is Missy the girl you danced with last night" There it was the eyes met an an instant connection.. Life has not been the same since. We are two of a kind yet complete opposite.. We have had our ups and downs. But something has always drawn us back to one another. 10 years later we are in the best spot any couple can be. I have always been the type to never see marriage for my self as much as I knew it was something I wanted. Accepting the life I live never thought it would be possible. April asking me to marry her and make her life complete was a day I will never forget.
April and I don't have a lot we struggle but yet the love we have gets us through anything. Times are hard but we each know the other is there to push the other and support in choices and decisions in life. At times relationships with parents can be difficult. With them not agreeing with the life we live. But April and I know that the love we have is something that not everyone can find or truly understand. Winning this would mean the world to both of us. We are a very hard working, caring, kind couple. We help when asked and would give our last even if it means us going with out. No one will ever be able to understand the connection or bond between us. To put in to words isn't an easy task. Saying why we may be more deserving then another couple of this wonderful marriage contest isn't easy. I don't necessarily feel we would be. But I do know April and I love each other. We are not the perfect couple but we are perfect for each other. Thank you for your time and giving couples this opportunity.



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