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Our love story:

Max and I met through my sister, she is a hair stylist. One night a friend cancelled plans on me so I asked my sister if she wanted to hang out and she was cutting hair at her house that night with 2 people coming by for a cut, so I told her I’d grab some food and come by to hang out and laugh a little. I had been going through a rough time, at the time and was struggling with coming out of the closet. Max came by my sisters with his best friend, Rachel. I was immediately attracted to him. I had to be careful though because I hadn’t yet come out to my sister, so as he got his hair cut we were cutting jokes left and right, it was an immediate connection. I just remember laughing over the fact we both loved Whoopi Goldberg, and that she had no eye brows (weird, I know, lol).

Later that night I had a facebook friend request from his bestie, Rachel saying lets be FB friends. (later Max told me it was because he wanted to find out if I was gay or If I would hit on her, lol). This only made me want to know him more, so I friended him so I could find out more. I’m pretty sure we both passively facebook stalked each other for a few days after that, lol. My sister said she was going to be having a summer party at her house, so I knew Max would be there and it was my chance. Max found me on OkCupid and knew I was gay so we started casually talking more and more over facebook. Just before the party I took the time to have my sister come over to my house so I could come out to her, and she told me she knew and that she also knew someone that was into me, it was Max.

The night of the party came and I couldn’t wait to see Max, that night we had the most fun I had ever had at a party in my life and we didn’t even do anything….except share our first kiss, which was absolutely magical, the best most passionate I have ever experienced. I knew in that moment he was the one! Before he left that night he told me he wanted to see me outside my sister, Shannon’s house. We set up our first date and went to this little strip here in Cleveland that has lots of different bars, we went to this video game bar and just could not stop laughing and having the best time of our life, we left and went to a few more bars just moving away from the crowds and sitting just talking till we shut down the bars, I walked him to his car and knew then I wanted him for life.

The next few months were the most blissful of our lives, we grew into the largest love either of us had ever known. I came out to my family, and met each other’s after that. He has made me the happiest and best version of myself imaginable. After the first month we knew we loved one another, and know even more now. At our 6month anniversary we closed on our house that we now own together and moved in and made the happiest life either of us could have dreamed of. We have fights like any other relationship, but never go to bed angry, I look forward to seeing him each and every night. Max is my soul mate, and I feel that fate brought us together. There were a lot of things that could have kept me from going to my sisters that night, in fact it was rare for me to go to her house vs go somewhere to hang out, but the timing was just right for both Max and I. Fate, the stars, god, or whatever there might be saw us and brought us together, and I am eternally grateful. I look forward to spending my entire life with this man, each day is new with him and our love is eternal, I am one of the lucky ones….I count that blessing each and every day, indeed.

Have a wonderful one!



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