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I've had this entry opened for a week now and couldn't seem to come up with the words to adequately describe our relationship or the love that we have built. I'm still struggling to write this because I've realized there aren't words for a love this deep, powerful, selfless. I'm so blessed to have found my soulmate so many years ago. We don't expect to win, but it feels nice to know someone cares enough to read about our lives.
My name is Kristina Smith. My beautiful soulmate's name is Lisa Weatherington. We live in Louisville Kentucky where we meet almost 20 years ago on the softball field as children. We didn't always get along, especially in highschool because of our age difference. I was a senior and she was a freshman at Fairdale High School when I first noticed her in a different light. I was unsure how to express this feeling because I was scared of what everyone, including her, would think of me. This feeling wasn't "normal" and I fought it for years. She however came out soon after, although everyone already knew she was a lesbian.
After graduation I moved on with my life with her always in the back of my mind. The way she moved, the way she laughed, the way her blue eyes melted me into a tiny puddle every time I caught her glance. Even after I got engaged to my first daughters dad and was giving birth to her in May 2005, she was the first person I called to share my exciting news.
When my engagement fell apart I decided to date again. She was in a relationship at the time so again I turned to "normalcy" just as everyone had expected. Then one day at the ballpark out of the blue, I decided to take the first step. She was in the batters box and I started teasing her as usual, but a little more provocatively. I'd never seen her turn that shade of red, which was a clear indication that she was enjoying my attention.
With us both in a relationship the timing couldn't have been worse but I had to know what these feeling meant. We started hanging out more and more everyday. I eventually ended my relationship as did she. I already knew I was in love with her, but when my daughter feel in love with her too that was it. We decided to start our journey which wasn't easy for me. Not only was this a new kind of relationship for me, it was a new life. Coming out was very difficult for me.
The first year was the hardest. I left her several times, trying to figure myself out. She was always my rock though. No matter what I threw at her or how hard I bucked, she held strong and never let me go. Three years into our relationship and several break-up's later, I finally decided to commit. We had our commitment ceremony on July 30th 2011. Shortly there after we decided to have a baby. Our daughter was born in November 2012, the happiest day of our lives.
We would love to continue our love story through you. Our love isn't recognized in Kentucky and having the opportunity to have an actual marriage certificate would mean the world to us. We would have the opportunity through you to teach our children that no matter what anyone says, love conquers all.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity.



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