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Hi! My name is LaNoya and my girlfriend is Brittany. I know you may hear this all the time but she and I are a match made n the heavens! Our love story is we met online on a dating website (POF) ?? I had been scrolling thru pictures and saw her profile but felt like she was out of my league--a young girl just looking to have a good time so I didn't do anything but look at her profile and leave it alone. A few days later I get a message from her (nov 22nd) and from that day forward we haven't stopped talking. Lesbian relationships seem to move fast and ours was a whirlwind romance. We made our relationship official New Year's Eve last year and moved in together. I tell her that if God were to ask me what I want in my soulmAte it would be her. Everything I ever wanted from the curls of her hair to her little toe nail is exactly what I wanted! She has the most beautiful blue eyes and fire personality. I'm a Leo and she is a Gemini and we couldn't be more perfect. We've had our ups and downs but we are going up from here! I am In absolute love with her & she with me.

I feel like we deserve this awesome opportunity because my family doesn't support my relationship and refusing to accept our love or life together. All I have is my friends and her family & I know that this wedding and honeymoon is all on us which is a lot of pressure. so any support we can get would be a miracle lol

I just got her ring delivered and am proposing to her on the 12th. She has been dropping hints about proposing to me and I plan on beating her to the punch. Knowing us we will end up proposing on the same day hahaa. Anyways I hope we are able to win! Thanks so much for your time



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