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I'm 26 & she's 29. We've known each other since I was 12. We met on the softball field. I was the youngest on the team and she took me under her wing. I grew to idolize her. I wanted to be just like her. Play just like her. I thought of her as a sister. I wanted to always be around her. Little did I know, I loved her. One tournament I heard one of our teammates playfully call her their "girlfriend" and I didn't like that. We continued to play several seasons as teammates but because of the age limit she could no longer play. We grew up. We grew apart. The next time I saw her iwas 19. I was playing travel softball in Atlanta where she was then living. I was ecstatic. Happy to see her. I hadn't seen her in years. I tricked her into giving me her number. Told her my mom wanted it. I texted her and told her I had a crush on her but she was involved at the time. But what's funny is the feeling I got when she told me she was involved was the exact same feeling I got when I was younger hearing my teammates call her their "girlfriend." I was 19 so I knew what the feeling was but I couldn't do anything, 1.because she was involved and 2.I knew my mom wouldn't approve. We became close friends, kinda like best friends. I respected her situation and never overstepped any boundaries. Things happened and so did others and here we are now ! I was never attracted to females. I never wanted to be with a female but it was something about her that changed everything. Her on the other hand, she's been this way her entire life. It was weird at first because I felt like I wasn't going to do the right things. I was confused but not about who I wanted to be with. I love to love her. My first experience WILL be my last because she has taught me so many things and I'm grateful that she was patient enough to out up with the disapproval of my mom in the beginning. By her showing my mother that she laid me happy, she's gained a lot if my mom's respect, love, and approval. Though my mom does not agree with the union by marriage, she loves us both enough to accept that we are happy with one another.We've been together officially for 3 years April. We proposed to each other on our 1 year anniversary where it all started...on the softball field(pic included). We've been engaged for a year and now finally able to become one. We planned on getting married in AL on Monday, Feb 9, but a halt was put on. We still have high hopes on getting married in Alabama but if it never happens, it will NOT define our union. Good luck to all the contestants because no one love story outweighs the other. LOVE is love ! MATTHEW 19:6 ! GOD bless !



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