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Christy and I have been together since August 12, 2011. Our story is something that should not have happened and we still can’t believe it ourselves when he say it out loud. It started with NY Pride 2011. I am from PA and she is from CT. That year we both decided to go to pride because that was the year marriage equality was approved for NY and we knew it would be a good party. I went with my best gay friend and she went with hers. As I was walking down the parade route I spotted her and her friend walking in front of us. We walked in the same direction for a long time and I thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. At one point I lost her and didn’t see her for about a half hour. Then we turned the corner and there she was. Standing against a wall smoking a cigarette. My friend and I just happened to stop for a smoke as well. As she was leaning against the wall of an apartment building when all of a sudden someone threw a bottle out of a window and it almost hit her. The crash was loud and everyone turned around to see what it was. After that my friend wanted to keep walking and she stayed there. I never talked to her, never got to find out her name. A few days later I told my friend about her and how I regretted not finding out who she was. So we decided to put an add on craigslist under missed connections. Granted, we figured we would NEVER find her and if anything we thought we would get a few stupid/funny replies that would give us a good laugh. So we put on it to send a pic and tell us what fell next to her so we knew it was really her. Three days later I got an email. IT WAS HER! I am from PA, she lived in CT and my friend and I posted this on the NYC craigslist. How or why she even looked there and found it is truly a miracle. It should have never happened! Statistically, things like that do not happen. The odds were against us, but there she was. Picture and all and she knew exactly the moment we were talking about in the ad. We started talking as friends and went on our first date August 12, 2011. We met up in the city and had a great time. We went home, talked every day. The chemistry was insane, it was like we were supposed to know each other. It was so easy. After that we spent over a year in a long distance relationship. I stayed in PA she stayed in CT. We would see each other whenever we could. Almost every other weekend. Finally in Oct 2012 we decided enough was enough and we needed to be together all the time. So she moved here to PA to live with me. We are living together over 2 years now. She came into my life and has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. She is my best friend, my lover, my everything. She came here as a single woman who has NEVER lived with anyone ever that she was in a relationship with and she has adapted to not only me but my 12 yr. old son as well. She co parents with me and he loves her just as much as I do. I don’t know what force brought us together but I believe it was nothing short of a miracle. We plan to get married in 2016. Before all of this neither of us was out to our families and since then we have both have had nothing but support from them and our friends. I believe we found each other at the exact time we were supposed to find each other and we are with exactly who we are supposed to be with for the rest of our lives. We cannot wait to make our relationship official and become one and make our family whole with my son as well. We would really love to win this contest because as two working women raising a child it is hard to financially support the dream wedding we want to have. We are both in our 30’s and while our parents and family fully support us in our love we do not expect them to pay for our wedding. It would mean so much to us if we could win this amazing prize. It will be the topping to our incredible love story!



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