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Where to begin when it comes to describing how I met my wife lol. And yes I said wife. We just had our courthouse wedding January 12th of this year in Madison, FL. We couldn't and still can't afford to have the wedding we actually want to have, but I am getting ahead of myself here so let me back up for a minute. I met my wife in the most unfortunate of situations. I went to Pensacola Beach, FL for pride last year on memorial day weekend and met up with an old friend and her new interests for that week.. My wife being one of them. The minute I met her, I thought she was beyond hot and beautiful but completely off limits. I don't mess with friends "friends" if that makes sense. I will however flirt because that's what being single at pride is all about anyways right? So the whole weekend I watched this beautiful creature from a distance not knowing she was doing the same thing with me. THEN it happened... The last night we were there happened to be a white party. I had the cutest outfit and pat myself on the back for it as well to be honest. She looked super cute with her rainbow belt and suspenders on top of her all white ensemble but unfortunately was drunk as a skunk and completely killed my attraction towards her lol. Long story short I ended up carrying her up three flights of stairs and to this day she still owes me a pair of cute white pants. We remained close friends after that day casually talking here and there until I happened to get a job offer where she lived in Valdosta, GA. I hit her up to hang out on one of the first nights I was in town and we went to the gay bar with two of her friends. I knew within minutes of interacting with her again that I still had a thing for her. I am not too shy to make my feelings known so I made my move. It was the best move I ever made too. The minute her lips touched mine and every time after that I have melted over and over again. We laugh and joke all the time about things nobody but us understands. She is my best friend and the truest and hardest working person I know and the heart she has behind it all is a rare form of the light I know still exists in the world. She proposed to me one night sitting around a bonfire in my front yard(I am a country girl to the bone) and it couldn't have been more perfect. Shortly after we got engaged she got orders to be stationed in Shreveport, LA. It was a job she couldn't pass up and something she wanted to take to benefit our future together. We decided to get married in the courthouse in Madison, FL even though I know that's not the wedding she wanted at all. Even though I am the "femme" of the relationship to the naked eye, she definitely had a vision of seeing me walk down the isle towards her in a white elegant dress. I, however, enjoyed the vow we made and simplicity of our little courthouse wedding. As I have had time to think since then, I realized that she still wants to do the whole big shebang in front of our family and her friends but, the realist in me knows we can't afford it. I don't want to give her a half assed wedding and try to pass it off as what she wants. She does so much for me everyday that she deserves the wedding she has always dreamed about from the minute she decided she wanted to spend her life with me. I want to wear that beautiful white gown and look her in the eyes in front of our family and friends and say those vows that so many people take for granted these days and cherish the celebration that commences shortly after. I need your help to make this possible. I know there are plenty of entries you are getting daily and probably more couples in our community that have been waiting for the wedding of their dreams way longer than she and I have. I am honestly asking for any kind of help even if it's just a gift basket pointing us in the right direction towards the wedding I hope to give her one day. I love my wife more than words could express and if anything I am glad I got to share our story with at least one more person in this world. We aren't perfect but we are the right kind of perfect one another needs. Thank you for your time!



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