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Sam and I have known the same friends for years. However we never met in person. One night she added me on Facebook and started liking all of my posts. I decided to message her and start a conversation. We talked for two months before actually meeting. Even though we both lived in South Bend, IN but never were in the same place at once. We tried to plan dates and meet but something had always came up whether it was family or job related. Sam worked at Martins and I was craving some ice cream so decided to make the first move and got into my truck and drove to the Martins she worked at. I went in and got some Ice cream and waited until she got off work. When she got off she came to the truck so we could actually meet face to face. We talked for about two hours and then she said she had to go home. It was in the dead of winter and about a foot of snow on all the employees vehicles, I had walked her to her car so she didn't walk alone to her car. She didn't have a snow scrapper so I took off my jacket and uncovered her car until it was clean and drivable. I then made sure she could back up so she wasn't stuck. As she drove away I smiled. I thought "One day I will marry that girl." I then drove to my grandmas house to visit because it was still early in the night. It was about ten to twenty minutes before I asked when I would see her again and her text back was "Tonight. Come back and see me tonight ??" so I went and picked her up to come to my apartment. We watched movies and talked for hours. She then fell asleep on my chest. As did I. Around 2 am her mom started calling about 20 times in a row until Sam woke up. I then took her home so she could get to work in the morning. Ever since that day I've always found reasons to fall more and more in love with her. She brightens my world and makes stars brighter then ever before. When things went down hill and I lost my job she helped me get a job at the bar she worked at. They needed help in the kitchen and was looking for a cook. She does so much for me that I love so much. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day so she has never actually celebrated Valentine's Day just her birthday. So I made the tradition to make our special Valentine's Day on the 13th instead. On our first "Valentine's Day" I proposed at our place of work in front of our friends and family. We had talked about getting married for months but she kept waiting for me to "Pop the Question" she cried and was beyond happy. But the best moment of my life was when she said yes. I fall in love with her a little more and more everyday. Even if we didn't win this prize I would still be utmost happy. Because this girl makes horrible things into the best. The way I feel about her is unbelievably happy. I would go to city hall if it meant living forever with her. So it would be amazing opportunity to receive an amazing prize of the wedding and I truly hope it happens. But thank you for your time to read our love story and tell the story of our love.





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