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Hello! My name is Barb and I would love to enter your contest. My name is Barb and back in 2002 I started a job in my hometown. I was in a bad marriage and in the process of getting out with my 3 sons. When I started this job, I came across this tall sexy red head named Faith. She was the most gorgeous woman I've ever come across. The most beautiful smile, hair, face, body ect. I knew when I seen her that I wanted to be part of her life. I was the shy type at that point in my life so I just kept throwing her smiles and hoped to build the courage to speak to her. Well, finally she spoke to me and come to find out she was spoken for. No way could I get this woman out of my mind. She and I became good friends and she helped me through many difficulties and I the same for her. A couple years later she became available and we knew to pursue a relationship together. That was the best thing that has ever happened to me and my sons. Not only was she gorgeous, she had the personality that was a gem. Every time she'd walk in the room she'd light it up with that beautiful smile and I'd forget everything else around me. Although we had some times that would test our love, we would always come out stronger each day. Once we moved in together in 2005, we started to foster other kids along with juggling our own sons and jobs. We've done so throughout the last 10 years. She has put herself through so much to make sure these kids could have a nice caring and loving home to come to until they could go back home for over 20 years now. It has taken a tole on us and we have put us time to the side, slowly each day not realizing how busy we had gotten. No matter what, through it all I'd do anything to see that smile every day. Within the last couple of months, Faith and I have went back to taking us time and its just us and our boys. We've gotten engaged and have started to plan the next chapter of our lives together. Our sons at home are into sports, church and leadership roles. Our adult sons have started their futures with jobs and blessing us with 2 beautiful grandbabies. She and I have the jobs we've began to grow in. Now I'd like to make our wish come true and officially call her my wife. Win or loose, I will marry that tall sexy red head that walked into my life 13 years ago.



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