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Our Story.... Sheena and I met long ago when I was about 6 or 7. I was first learning how to ride a bike. As I was practicing outside my great grandmother's house, I heard "follow that girl." I turned around and seen 2 girls following after me. I freaked out a little, lost control of my bike and fell. One of the girls started to giggle and asked me if I was okay. I said yes, we all introduced ourselves. One said her named was Sheri (Sheena's sister) and the one who asked if I was okay but laughed at my fall said her name was Sheena. Then we went about our ways. As time went on I would see Sheri and Sheena around (mainly Sheri being she was a year older then I). As for Sheena, whenever I saw her, without miss, I always would hear "Hi Aspennn...." with a smile on her face. As much as I tried to avoid it she always seemed to notice me and say hi. Each time we saw each other we started joke around or Sheena would have something to make trouble with me about.


It was around 2010-2011. I ran into Sheena at a "shaved ice" shop with my girlfriend at the time. As always I was greeted with the typical "Hi Aspen." Being this was my first time seeing her since I had been with a girl, I had this feeling that she was going to contact me or look for me on fb. Sure enough, just as I was thinking about that, a message on fb came through. I looked and it was Sheena. Basically tripping out I was with a girl and I was gay.


In 2012 I was going through a major breakup with my ex. I started partying a lot. I ended up going through what i like to call a "rachet stage." I guess at the same time Sheena was going through problems with her girlfriend. We ended up connecting with each other through instagram. As we both tried to hang out with each other, timing never really allowed us to. Until one evening after posting a selfie I received a text asking "what are you doing, let's go to Mai Tai." At first I was hesitant but decided to go. That night was mostly a blur...but still what I can recollect I basically was all up on Sheena (talk about selling myself short lol). I was so a shame I basically just didn't talk to her after that.


Now here's the where things really started happening.....


It was January 14th, 2014, around 1am where I was just at this point of having a good sleep, when I heard my phone go off. I got up, checked my phone and it was a text message from Sheena. It read "hey," I looked and still feeling ashamed of what happened the last time we hung out, I planned to ignore the message and go back to sleep. As I was lying there closing my eyes there was a tug at me to reply back. All that kept running through me was "Aspen. Answer the message. She just might need help, be a friend." So I grabbed my phone and replied back "hey." She texted me back "I can't sleep." "Are you drunk?" I replied back. "No" She said. "I think I'm just thinking too much" She said. "About what?" I replied. "My ex...." She said. Lol, well I know how that feels. Our conversation carried on and I told how I was going to church. How being close to God had help me get over so much. I invited her to come to church with me because I alway believe God heals everything and everyone should go to him. Not thinking she would agree with it I figured just ask she was going to say no anyway. But to my shock she was actually said she would go. Our conversation ended at that.


A few days later. I was I at home, it was a Friday. My sons left for their dad's and my ex, who at the time kept messing with my heart and emotions, also left that night with her gf to vegas. I broke down and just wasn't having it. As I was driving myself insane. Literally on the floor crying, I hear my phone go off. I got up to look at it. And to my surprise it was Sheena, It Read "Hey still up for church on Sunday?" Oh crap I forgot about that. Crying I replied back "yep, I'm go to the 8:30service." "Oh man that's early. Okay. What church do you go to?" I told her where I attend, it just so happened to have been the same church her mom attended so she knew where she was going.


Sunday morning, I get up, get ready as always. As I'm walking out of my house. I remembered Sheena said she wanted to come to church with me. I texted her to check to see if she was still going. She replied back say she was waiting for her mom and she'll just see me there. Hah...fat chance I thought to myself but hey I didn't think we were going to go together anyway.


I got to church and was sitting in service like I always do. Looking around to see if Sheena came. But there were no sight of her. The service ended and I was walking out. I was thinking to myself "well maybe she is going to the next one, or maybe she didn't go, oh well shucks." Then right as I was heading towards the front door, standing outside, straight in front of me, there she was just standing there with some people that she was with. I was shocked, jaw dropping, shocked. I walked up to her as cool as I could be and told her Hi. She introduced me to her cousins and mom, which her mom asked if I wanted to join them for breakfast (#awkward), I told her no and that I had to get home to do my laundry. Driving away I get a text saying "you looked really beautiful today." I tried so hard to fight a smile and to be honest I was completely speechless. Of course I replied back. Which lead to us talking and texting each other the whole day.


The following weekend I decided to go out with my friends and have a ladies night. As I was sitting at my friends house waiting for her to finish getting ready. Sheena texts me if I wanted to go with her to a place called "Hawaiian Brians." I told her no that I was with my girls and I don't think they want to go there. But for some strange reason she just kept on bothering me to meet up with her. Now, being I totally messed up last time we hung out, I really didn't want to take that chance again, so I kept telling her no. Or we will see, if anything she can come meet up with us where ever we were at. It was like 1:30 am and clubs were starting to close. My friends and I were still wanting to stay out so we decided to go to a gay club that closed at 4 am. Being it was somewhere that Sheena mentioned because her friends were there already. I called her up, told her I was headed to the club and if she wanted she could meet me there. Just so happen she was going there also. We met up and said our hellos. Then we went about our ways with our own friends. As my friends and I were about to leave, I went to looking for Sheena to tell her bye, before she tries to find me and I get a call or text saying "wow don't even say bye." I told her I leaving and she kept insisting that I stay. "Come on stay I'll bring you home," She said. Then out of no where she grabs me by my waist and pulls me closer to her and we kissed. I smiled and told her that I had to go, then turned around a left.


Still thinking about that kissed that happened, I was driving home when I get a phone call. It was Sheena, she was leaving the club and she wanted to hang out. I told her I was on my way home and she said she was coming over. When she got there it we hung out in her truck for a bit. Then we ended up falling asleep together on my couch.


From that night on we talked every night. I was playing hard to get and Sheena tried her hardest. We talked about our past and how I became more cautious about what I get myself into. That I didn't want any of us to fall for each other. That if anything were to happen I didn't want our friendship to end, that meant the most to me. She went on saying that I make her work so hard to get me, she's never had to work this hard for anyone. Then that night as she was spilling her guts out while driving from town to my house. She finally says "I just want to make you and your boys happy, to see you smile will make me happy. We've known each other for so long, since we were kids, I checked you out from when we first met. Aspen I won't let you fall....just give me a chance. If you want to I'm outside and I want to see you." I was absolutely speechless, I didn't know how to react. I never had someone say those words to me. I went downstairs and sure enough outside my house she was there. We ended up talking for hours that night. Holding each other.


We've been together for basically a year and as I look back on our story and our history. I truly believe that Sheena was heaven sent to me. With her in my life I feel complete. She has been a perfect fit for me and for my sons. Sheena came into our lives and changed so much around. I look back on my past and all I prayed and cried for then, asking, begging God to bring someone in my life. Someone who loves me who makes me feel worth it. God gave me Sheena and I thank God everyday for it.


Our story is long and there are many more details to it. But to know the magnificence in it all you need to know from beginning to end. To know that love is a long time coming. That the person who you been waiting for has probably been in your life this whole time and you never even knew it.


Thank you for your time and this opportunity.



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