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My fiancé met through a mutual friend. She doesn't remember this first meeting but our friend told her I thought she was cute. She looked me up on Facebook and says she thought "really?" The next time we saw each other at a show, I thought she remembered me so I asked her if she wanted to sit with us. My best friend looked at me funny and asked me what I was doing and I told him "shush she is cute."She saw that I had brought a book to a bar and asked me about it. I thought it was because she thought it was odd but it was because it was from a series we both love. We started talking about all kinds of things and set a date to go to the movies later that week. We went to the movies and found out we had even more in common after going to karaoke together. We ended up at Lake Shawnee by the water talking and looking at the stars. We fell in love that night. Things didn't stay easy, I moved two and half hours away. She still had school and work in the town I left. She drove up to see me 2 or 3 times a week. Until she needed to help her brother after surgery for the whole summer. So we only got to see each other for an hour if we were lucky once a week. When our 1 year anniversary in October rolled around I was recovering from major surgery so we couldn't do anything special. She brought me roses for beside my hospital bed and I commented how much I liked them by my bed and she has been getting me some roses twice or more a month. She finally moved in November 2013. I took her to meet my parents and they loved her instantly. Her family hasn't always been so accepting but they have come along way. Christmas we spent with my family and it was amazing. New years eve we were with my family having fun playing games and dancing. Midnight comes and she kisses me then starts giving a speech, I think nothing of it. She starts to get emotional and my 15 yr old daughter who was in on it started being goofy to make everyone laugh, my cousin who was not in on it started doing the same thing. She finally got to what she was saying got down on one knee and proposed. It was amazing. I met her family a few weeks later and for the most part that went well. We made plans to get married in Minnesota summer of 2015, but then our home state of kansas has made it legal so we are getting married on our 3 year anniversary at the lake from our first date. I am so blessed everyday to have this woman in my life. She has made me happier than I knew possible.
My name is Roxanne but go by Roxxi and hers is Virginia but goes by V.
We live in Newton, Kansas



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