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My name is Kasha, my fiance is Nicole. Our love story isn't some romantic perfect love. Its more than that. We met April 4th, 2013. We met at a park in our hometown in Lithia, Florida. I was hanging out with my best guy friend and he brought "Cole" with him. I assumed it was just another regular old Joe, but when she stepped out of the truck. My heart dropped to my stomach and I could've swore time stood still that day. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I wasn't looking for another one but somehow it found me. That day at the rec center, is what we called it, we slow danced on the tailgate with the music up loud for 3 hours, my heart was beating, but it was a pattern against hers. Its like I had finally found my puzzle piece to complete the picture. In that perfect moment I knew I had to be with her. Well she got my number and we hit it off. So much so that three days later April 7th, 2013 she asked me to be her girlfriend that was also the same day we shared our first kiss. But what happened next we didn't expect. My family grew up Catholic so it was very against our religion, but that didn't stop me. They liked her but not the idea of me and her being an us. From day one we lived together because my family didn't allow me back home after I made up my mind. We had so many struggles and failures that we almost split once but neither one of us could bare that so it was a false alarm. We continued our life. We moved around a lot. Bounced back and forth, had no money. Then had money and it went around and around. Well I am also a Chrons Disease patient, though I call myself a warrior, because of my every day struggles with this incurable disease. I was diagnosed before I met Nicole and since me and her have been together I've been hospitalized 4 times just for Chrons and another 3 times for a tumor they recently discovered. However it isn't cancerous but it still is to close to my lung and heart so we're watching it. But with all my health issues and the preexisting problems I had and the new ones we had faced together, didn't make her leave, they made her become closer to me. She watches my struggles and takes care of me when I'm sick. She never leaves the hospital every time I go in. She makes sure she stays so she knows what the Drs have decided next. Even when I was hospitalized for a week and a half. She truly is my soul mate. We still face a bumpy road ahead of us but I couldn't think of anyone better that I'd want to share that bumpy road with than her. August 4th, 2014 she gave me a ring and asked me to be hers forever. As cheesy as it may sound it couldn't have been more perfect. I cried, she cried. She had my bestfriend Angel secretly take pictures and they all surprised me and it was more than I had ever imagined it'd be when someone finally popped the question. I am 22 years old. She's 21. We've known each our whole lives and then for us to lose contact and then 15+ years later we find each other again and made it official. Our love story isn't what people think a love story consists of, but its ours and I love everything about it. We wanted to set our wedding date for November 19th, 2016 so it'd be almost 4 years together and because the 18th of November is my birthday and the 20th of November is her birthday so our wedding was gonna be our birthday gift to each other. And now that Florida has lifted the marriage ban we can finally say I do and start our forever after!!!!!!(: My phone number is 813-445-2568 you can leave a voicemail as well. Our home town is Lithia, FL.



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