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Hello, my name is Joana. My fiancé's name is Heather, and is this our love story.

We were attending Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) when we met. Heather had moved in with an old roommate, and best friend of mine, fall semester of 2009. I went to go visit my old roommate when I saw Heather getting ready to go out with some of her friends. I instantly felt butterflies but it was like she didn't even see me there. I wasn't out yet so the idea of anything happening between her and I was a distant one. Actually it was slightly nonexistent, but I just couldn't help but want to be near her. According to Heather she thought I was cute, but she didn't think I would be into her. She didn't even think I liked girls!

Fast forward a little Heather and I saw more and more of each other throughout the semester (I even snuck in a drunken cuddle once!), but it didn't last long. We lost touch and we went our separate ways. Eventually, Heather was no longer living on campus.

Time went by, a year, maybe two, and we had maybe seen each other a handful of times. Each time was more exciting than the last, filled with butterflies for the both of us, yet neither one of us said a thing about how we felt. I'm not too sure we knew what we felt. It wasn't until my last semester, spring 2012, that we actually said more than a few words to each other. I had lost my school ID card and while I was searching for it I ran into Heather. We gave each other an incredibly long and hard hug. I melted inside. At that moment we decided we would continue to keep in touch. We no longer wanted to be friends in passing.

As the summer approached Heather and I spoke more often. We got to know each other better and grew to really appreciate each other. One late night (past midnight of course), I was feeling frisky ;), I told her "It's now or never." I couldn't hold out any longer. I just wanted to be in her arms. I wanted her to feel same, and apparently she did!

After that night we were inseparable. We spent hours on the phone or texting learning as much as we could about each other. We spent our days together and eventually Heather moved into my house. It wasn't until after we became official that I finally came out to my family and friends. She helped me gain the courage I needed and strength to tell people one of my biggest secrets! I think that is something that has made our relationship that much stronger.

August 2014 Heather brought me on vacation to meet her absolute best friend. While visiting her in Florida we went to Clear Water Beach where Heather and her best friend planned out a beautiful proposal. It was everything I could have hoped for. The twist? In September I proposed as well!!! I wanted to make sure she felt the same love I did when she proposed to me so I took her favorite hobby (Legos) and proposed with them!!

We have since been planning our wedding. Money has always been tight so it won't happen for a long time. Recently we have been talking about just getting married by a justice of the peace in our town. We want a dream wedding, but we don't want to wait forever before we can call each other "wifey"!!! That's why we are sending you our love story, in hopes that it is enough for you think we deserve it!

Attached are a bunch of pictures I think represent us pretty well! Hope to hear from you soon!

With love!
Joana and Heather



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