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Jessica + Taz


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Our love story began the first day i started my job at the local animal shelter. She was the manager at the time, and this was my first job. As soon as she came out of a room to introduce herself i knew that she was special. Her red hair, short and shoulder length. She showed me the shelter, and i would laugh at her for being silly and she liked that. Being as this is my first relationship, i was scared of being in one, but she didn't want me to let her go. She knew that if she left me go, she would never forgive herself. We had our first date on the Outer Banks, and went to see Pitch Perfect. It was amazing. Over time i grew scared of what would happen, so we stayed in the friends zone for a few weeks before i realized that if i was to let her go i would never see her again either. So i let her kiss me in the parking lot. It took my breath away. I wanted to kiss her for years and years. She was special to me. We are so much alike. We would play softball with other co-workers and after they would leave we would stick around talking and getting to know each other. We have had our ups and downs but we have stuck next to each other through thick and thin. On our second anniversary of dating, she was going to take out to dinner, but we had to make a pit stop on the way because a friend was in need. Little did i know that the friend was in on what would be an amazing start to the night. I am distracted by helping my friend that she is setting up the perfect proposal a girl could ask for. She took it back to where we spent a lot of our time, the softball field. She had poster board with romantic sayings on them, and as i walked closer to her i noticed that in the middle of the softball field written in the sand was "will you marry me?" I said yes. It all came full circle and i think i hit a home run on giving her a chance and my heart.

Jessica & Taz



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