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I (Cristina) met Molly years ago when my sister dated her brother when she was only about 13 years old, I KNOW it sounds crazy. But the years moved forward i was married to a man i had two children (boys). I was separated in 2010 from him. The years kept going and there it was 2012, my sister and myself had our own little place that we rented from our mother. I worked a full time job as did my sister, i came home i remember it was a Thursday night August 22nd i remember, i was getting dinner ready and my sister tells me " Hey, Molly, Kyle and Jason are coming over to hang out for a little while", i said OK that's great i haven't seen them in years, 6yrs to be exact! A few short hours later they showed up, i was in my room doing laundry and preparing for the next day of work which came way to early for at 6am. I went out to the living room said hi to Kyle and then to Jason but didn't see Molly. The front door opened and there she came in, and my heart fell to the ground! This was no longer the 13yr old girl i remember from way back when, she towered over me built and strong, i couldn't get but think, DAMN!! i composed my self and said hello and walked past her like it was nothing, she stopped me and says to me " What cant give me a hug" I blushed leaned over and gave her one of those awkward don't let our bodies touch type hugs. She laughed and i walked back to continue my preparations for the next day. About 1hr later i decided i would go to bed as it was getting late, i went out to the living to tell everyone good night, Molly was disappointed and told me that i should hang out a little longer but NOPE i was going to bed. God was she persistent though, a short while later i hear my sister and Molly giggling coming down the hallway towards my room... i immediately shut my eyes as to pretend i was asleep hoping the would walk away, BOY WAS I WRONG! They snuck in as quiet (yea right) as they could be. And jumped on my bed! Molly next me my sister on the opposite side. I pretended to be mad because i didn't want molly to realize that i thought it was totally CUTE! My sister ended up walking out and i looked at molly with that UMM are you going to follow look... she laughed and said can i kiss you, i said NOPE! she said well can i rub your back, i said i don't care but I'm going to sleep goodnight! Well she laid there for a moment got up and then left when she thought i was asleep. About another hour goes by and here comes molly sneaking in my room, i peeked and she was leaving a note next to my bed on the night stand. After she walked out of my room i reached over and read it, Ill keep that a secret but god that was it i melted! she left her number, i eventually fell asleep and woke up and got ready for work. I texted her at 7:30 am, when she text me that was it, that was August 23rd 2012, and here we are today January of 2015 still madly in love with a home that we have together with both OUR sons. She is the best thing to have happened to me, she has shown me what true love really is and what being a family is all about. I would go as far as to say that she saved me, she has been a amazing father figure to the boys and they love and respect her. She is definitely my true love and soul mate as well as my best friend. She is the one!



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