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Hello there,

Here's my love story of two people who were destined to be.

It all started almost two and a half years ago. I was staying single. Had my mind made up that I was sincerely tired of woman coming into my life saying they loved me and wanted the family and then just deciding one day that they didn't want that. That and I just came out of an abusive relationship with my ex girlfriend who was a alcoholic (six months before I met my fiancé). I decided to go with my sisters (whom are also gay, the two are engaged) to a club here in Colorado Springs for New Years Eve. I was hesitant and almost decided not to go. But I did. There I met a woman that I was instantly attracted to. We danced and I ended up giving her my number after we talked a bit that night. Later during a month and half... I texted her but not to much because I was not wanting a relationship again. I talked it over and over again with one of my best friends and she finally told me after a month and a half to give her a chance, that she might be the one. So I swallowed my pride and jumped in. Started talking to her more and more. Had our first date and I brought my boys along for it. It was at a restaurant. The reason why I brought my sons was because I wanted to let her know exactly what came along with me. To let her know that my sons are number one and if you can't accept that then it's over before it begins. I know not the best first date but it's what my reality to woman was. All my ex girlfriends couldn't handle the family package. So I showed this one what I was about. She amazed me that night. Not only with how she was with me but how she interacted with my sons that very night. I was so surprised and in awe over her and how she was with us 3. Needless to say... She captured my heart that very night. Now two and a half years down the road, I couldn't even imagine my life without her. She's taken on the three of us and if I wasn't my sons biological mother, I could swear she is. She is truly an amazing woman. We have had our bumpy roads as all relationships do but one thing that I can always count on during those times is that she loves us as we love her unconditionally.

So that sort of sums up our lives. We want to get married and have a honeymoon like any other couple out there but times are hard as for all of us. Teenage boys are expensive, lol. But we make it work for them. Our love brings us through.

The name of my fiance is Windi and my name is Megan. I want to take on her name and hoping it's a easy process.
We live in Calhan, Colorado. Right outside of Colorado Springs.  Attached you'll find my pictures I wanted to submit. They are some of us two, some of her and our sons, and then one is of our three dogs. I had the two little ones and she had the big one and well they are a part of our love story as well :)

Thank you for taking the time in reading my story and also thank you for considering us for such a precious gift.

Thanks again,



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