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My name is Paige. In the photos you will find my beautiful fiancé, Ryan, & our gorgeous daughter, Kamari. This is my wonderful family. Me & my fiancé have been together 3 $ 1/2 years, getting to this point was not an easy journey. When we first met I was just getting out of a tumultuous relationship with my daughter's other intended parent, who to this day does absolutely nothing for her. Ryan & I started off as friends because she was in an on-again off-again relationship at the time with someone who didn't appreciate the incredible woman she is. From the day I laid eyes on Ryan I knew she was going to be my future, my life, my wife. I would tell her this everyday & everyday she would just brush it off. We eventually became best friends & she became the main woman in my daughter's life other than myself. As the years passed she began to realize that no one else in this world would be there for her & love her as I did & vice versa! So we decided to make things official & have been together ever since, 3 beautiful years later it still feels like the first time! I can't imagine my life without this woman, not just myself but my daughter as well because they have a love & a bond as strong as mine & my daughter's bond! She is the only other parent my daughter has had, even though she didn't have to she still choose to take me & everything(person) that came with me. I was leaving for Navy bootcamp, but I proposed to her before I left & she said yes! She has been with me through everything & continues to stick by me! I'm in the process of trying to go back to the military because I was sent home due to medical issues. I would love for us to have her dream wedding before I try to go back, but because we can't really afford it we might have to settle for going to a state where gay marriage is legal & getting married at a courthouse. I feel like we should win this because I want to be able to give her all the things she dreams about when it comes to our wedding because she made my dreams come true the day she walked into my life & continues to everyday! We've been through a lot & I feel like we would appreciate this peace of happiness!



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