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It's funny how me met, my aunt actually was at her job and said hey my niece is perfect for you and my aunt calls me and says hey there is this lightskin cutie pie I think would be perfect for you and I laugh because my mind hadn't been on a relationship at the time so I said sure fine whatevs. So she ( nicole ) gets my number and we are talking she sends me a picture and I show my friend like nooo she's not cute haha., turns out it was just the picture I didn't like lol. Nicole came to see me for the first time and she hated me because I sat for 2 hours playing scrabble with my friend and didn't really show her love. Fast forward a little I've been diagnosed with bipolar /depression and it hasn't been easy this past year but she continues to love me unconditionally and if she could she would give me the world and I love and respect her for that if this giveaway is for anyone it would be my lovely fiance because she deserves it she's given so much and I'd love to be able to take weight off of her shoulders if we win it's for her even though I'm the feminine one it's still for her i love her. Thank you for the consideration.!



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