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LaTanya and Camille’s Happily Ever After
Our Love Story isn’t much different from anyone else but it is definitely different for us. Where do I begin? I guess from the beginning. I was coming out of a bad marriage and decided to get into the dating field whilst waiting to finalize the divorce. The dating scene has changed for now it is all internet based. So, I said let me give this a try. Hmmmm….to no avail that wasn’t going to well at all and I all but threw in the towel with dating, relationships and starting enjoying my life single again. There is no better love than self love and learning to appreciate life so one could truly appreciate me for me was the goal. So, I began going on dates with myself, pampering myself, and having a grand old time.
Now, in the far away land of Philadelphia (I am a Baltimore Gal), Tanya was coming out of a three year relationship that she tried to make work but when you are with someone that you gave your all too and they didn’t appreciate it . She wasn’t dating anyone and her good friend mentioned POF to her as a means to meeting someone. It was Tanya’s birthday weekend and she decided to head to DC to see if she could meet someone in my area since her hometown wasn’t treating her that well. It appears we had the same idea but I didn’t make it out that weekend to D.C. for I was at a gathering and didn’t want to leave. Well, to no avail she didn’t meet anyone so she signed up for POF.
In my world, Keisha said “Camille have you tried POF again” and I kindly stated “Hell, no those women are crazy and as a matter of fact let me delete my profile.” I logged on to delete my profile and Tanya had sent me a few messages. It did take a while but I did respond. We chatted for a while via POF and eventually led to phone conversations for endless hours. Tanya made me laugh, laugh, and laugh. We just clicked with our similar relationship woes and what we wanted in one. Though, we are total opposite it felt so right.
Two weeks later, we went on our first date here in Baltimore and I have never been on a date like that in my life. Well, she couldn’t cross the barrier of my son to the threshold for he was manning the door to get the first impression. It was so refreshing to be with someone that didn’t judge me and truly wanted to get to know me as I wanted to get to know each other. I knew from the start that I was made for her and she was made for me. It didn’t take long for me to express that but she was a little hesitant due to heartaches of the past. Eventually, we became a couple and knew that we will marry one day. She is my everything and I am her everything. Not to mention, she has passed the family check here in Maryland, Georgia and even with my children. A breath of fresh air that I have been waiting for and I am hers. We can finish each other’s sentences; we listen to each other and our phone conversations still last to the wee hours in the morning. She can always put a smile on my face. Though she can be quite reserved, she is so romantic with and caring. What had me is that I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis as well some other ailments? She actually didn’t ask me any questions about them. Tanya took the time to read about them and come to me about what she can do to assist me in any way. What really put the icing on the cake was when we met, I was homeless. The split from my ex wife was stressful and I lost my job which caused me to lose my place. I was sleeping on the floor of my mom’s house. She never judged me for that and still wanted to be with me. That is the best feeling ever. She makes sure when we go out that I get an allergy free menu or looks up the restaurant in advance to make sure that it is safe for me. Though she has no children of her own, my kids have become her children and she is so attentive with them. Wow, I should have waited for you and not marry my ex wife, however; with any bad relationship we both said it has helped us grow and learn what we don’t want to prepare us for each other. We are truly blessed to have found each other and our love is strong. Though it only has been eight months (no Lesbian U-Haul we are still in separate states), we are planning our wedding for June 2016 in her hometown of Brotherly Love. Life is too short to let Love GO. Is our love story similar to many? Yes, but it is unique to us for we never thought that we would never find a love so true, so real, so rare, and so meant to be. Thank you for allowing me to share our love story.



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