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My name is LaShawn and I met my beautiful fiancee Kayla February 14th, 2014. I started a new job at a call center and she was my trainer. During training we spent a lot of time together and would share our "growing up stories". Although both of us were privet and closed off to people something made us trust each other right away. Our stories were somewhat simular. She was in an abusive relationship with a guy who never at least treated her like a human being and has been in prison for the past year. I was just ending a 2 year relationship with a woman who left me because I stopped taking care of her and her son while she slept all day. Later we found out we both had lots of medical problems growing up, that we are still fighting til this day. Kayla had no confidence in herself nor did she love herself to know she deserved better. I knew I had a lot of work to do to open her eyes to how a woman should be treated. As we got to know each other better we got deeper into our medical issues, mainly because we both had major surgeries coming up. Her's was first and I was by her side during the surgery and the 8 day recovery because she's not close with her family. Five months later she was right by my side during my surgery and 2 week recovery. We decided to move in together and be a family, her, me and my 5 year old son, who she instantly treated like her own. We worked together to make it on our own with no help from anybody. Recently she convenced me to go do what I been wanting to do which is truck driving. While she worked and paid the bills I went to school to get my CDL. We agreed when I was done and I started working she would go back to school full-time for her dream in music. Now I have my CDL-A and is currently looking for a job as she continues to work and wait for her dream to come true. In the mix of her working and paying the bills, my schooling and job searching, raising our son and still dealing with threats from her ex and non-stop calls from mine, we have managed to keep up our one bedroom apartment and stay strong while we both are still in and out of the hospital regularly. She is still fighting lots of medical issues that she will fight the rest of her life and I will be battling a disease for the rest of my life. With all of this going on we sit and dream in hopes of a traditional wedding that we will probably never be able to afford.



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