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Me and Michael had meet through a mutual friend (Scotty). He actually talked about Michael so much and showed me a picture I decided to meet him on my own, to only find out he would wanted to introduce us the day after I took it upon myself to meet him. So when he introduced us we had to act like we haven't meet before. I talked Michael into spontaneously going to Claerwater Beach for the day soon after we meet. That day I realized I was madly in love with this man and wanted to be with him for the rest of my life . Later I found out Michael had the same thoughts that day. We meet January 2nd 2013. I took Michael to Clearwater Beach "spontaneously" on January 2 2015 to ask him to be my husband and being we already talked about marriage he said of course. I was out to my family, Michael came out soon after we meet right before we became "official ". We became official March 24, 2013. His family is very accepting and sees out relationship no different then a straight couples. My family knows still loves me but being really southern still has an ignorant gene. We live with my mom to help her pay her bills till she is finished with her physical therapy. We our currently saving money to move out. I work as a server at Longhorns and I'm a server currently training to be a lead server with Terrie Lobby catering. Also may be getting another job bartending events in Orlando. Michael works at Club Main Street as the door man for now. We share a vehicle at the time so it hard for use to both have a full time job. Saving to get our own place then once that's achieved saving for a second vehicle so we can both have full time jobs with reliable transportation. It would be a while before we could afford a proper ceremony. Both always wanting a more traditional wedding then just getting eloped, we would appreciate the significants of this. Catering alot of weddings I only thought of it as a dream for a wedding like that.Please take full consideration for our entry.
Michael & Jt



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