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Hello, my name is Jerra. I'm the one with the long brown hair that fell in love with the fiery redhead Jenn. I was convinced that I was meant to live my life as an independent lesbian, I thought love and the fairytale idea of love was just broadcasted as a moneymaker. Then I met Jenn. On a bored Friday night she spontaneously picked me up and took me to her favorite rooftop hideaway overlooking our city of Columbus, Ohio. We talked for hours, blew bubbles off the rooftop and watched them float and shared skittles. Childish evening, maybe but we were ourselves and all subjects were up for discussion. We laughed and cried. Finally around 6am she returned me home, only to join me inside where we continued our deep conversation for another 2 hours.

That night, I knew that I had met my new best friend, my love. FACT. I was content as a single and suddenly Jenn swept into my life and filled a space in my life and heart that I didn't know needed filled. I could have married her that night, I knew she completed me. Our entire 30+ years we had continuously crossed each other's paths, known some of the same people and had moved to different cities yet the furthest distance we had between us was 20 minutes, finally we meet. We know our love is fact. We both admitted to one another as crazy as it is we vocalized our love, embraced it, live together and want to start a marriage and family. Red flags everywhere, right?!?! Wrong! I now have my fairytale and know it's true, genuine and pure. Our families are not supportive but we have several friends that celebrate our excitement for passion and love daily. We are so thankful that our paths finally crossed to begin our journey beside one another. The one true supporter in my family is the one person that I never imagined, my grandmother "Nanny" and she loves Jenn as much as I do. I want her to see me get married, I want her to cry tears of happiness seeing Jenn and I officially unite.



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