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our love story begins in February of 2013. we met on an internet dating site a few months prior. We talk everyday all day getting to know each other for about two and a half months. she became my best friend my confident my better half so the day that we met was like no other it was love at first sight and we have been together every since we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and can't wait for the day that we say I do I came into this relationship with two boys who she raises as her own and we're in the process of adopting a love story this rare is so hard to find I love her to the moon and back and she knew I was doing this she probably would say no she make me smile in spite of. This lady is one of a kind I never thought I would find love and my heart is overjoyed with the love that she give me. I have been by myself,I have tried other relationships, she has too but what we have together no one can ever break apart this is my love story:

My name is Helen my spouse name is Dartricia. Our love story begins 2013 I was living in Wisconsin she was living in Illinois we met on the internet dating site we talked for two and a half months and that time she became my best friend my confidante and I knew she had a good heart about two and a half months later we met face to face and it was love at first sight she warmed my heart and brought joy to my world I came into this relationship with two sons she's raising them on they love her we love her. Later that year I packed up my stuff in Wisconsin and moved to Illinois to be with her we have been together for 2 years now and I love you still going strong she's my best friend my confidante my everything I couldn't imagine being here without her the day I say I do will be the most special day of my life because I never thought I would find my one true love she showed me things that I've only dreamed of or could ever imagine she makes me smile in my times of down she brightens my world when acting nothing but tears we believe in God and I believe that God truly brought her to me to be my soulmate. Yeah we are so humble is just a privilege to share I love story even if we don't win just to share this lady has been my everything and we're going to go for 60 more years thank you this is our love story.



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