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Hello, my name is Harry and my fiancé is Peter. We live in Alexandria, VA and we would like to be entered in your LGBT wedding and honeymoon giveaway. Peter and I met in 2008 in Chicago in boys town. We spent a great weekend of debauchery and when we said goodbye on Sunday evening and went our separate ways ( He to Atlanta and I to Wisconsin) I thought to myself I hope our paths cross again but knew realistically it would likely not happen. Over the next 7 yrs. I thought of him often and wish many times that I could get that weekend back. Then one day I posted a meme on Facebook and he hit the like button not noticing who had post it. I saw it was him and my whole being became excited. I sent him a message and he then realized who I was and with in a day we both knew that our lives were meant to be one life. I gave notice at work and moved myself and my life 1500 miles to join him in Alexandria, VA. He told me how he many times had thought of me and like me regretted not getting more contact info when we parted.

On Christmas eve day of 2014 he had a haircut scheduled. So I contacted his hairdresser and she hide me upstairs while she cut his hair. She took him in back to wash his hair and while he was being toweled dried I knelt on one knee and when she removed the towel I was there in front of him with the ring. He was so surprised and emotional but managed to make me the happiest man in the world by saying yes.

I can not afford to give Peter the wedding and honeymoon he deserves and that is why winning is so important to me. Peter has HIV and gave up his Drs and his support base in Atlanta to move to Alexandria to take care of his 89 yr old mother. He is so caring and selfless and I would love to see him spoiled for once.



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