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Where to begin? I'm sure your getting a lot of entries with couples and their "Love Stories"...but in my case, this is definitely a true love story. My Fiance and I have gone through so many turns of the pages that I never imagined being where we are today.

It literally was love at first sight for me when I first saw my Fiance Elsa (Yes like Frozen lol) at a mutual friends wedding. Thing is, she didn't even "see" or could give two blinks about me when we first met. She totally blew off all my little winks and spurts of flirtatious words, looking at me as if I were crazy. I told her the very first day we met, before I left, that although she can care less now and it may not be the right timing, that we were meant to meet and that her and I would "connect" someday.

You see, I just happen to be going through a terrible, unexpected break-up, with the partner I thought was going to be my life partner. I was taking the break-up pretty hard and had lost myself in the sadness and heartache. I was not the brave, humorous, outgoing woman that most knew. I no longer believed in love and thought that I would never marry, have a house or find my life partner, I just gave up on all my dreams. I Pretty much started to accept that I will always be on my own. Living this lifestyle has never been an easy road for me, let alone finding someone I can trust and love. I had totally given up.

Then, within the mutual friends gatherings, Elsa would be present and she would see that she did not see that same brave, flirtatious girl she first met. She reached out to me asking if I was ok and in time I confided in her my heartache and cried many tears on her shoulders and shared my feelings of defeat. She never took advantage of my weak state or weak heart. She simply allowed me to cry and cry about someone else NEVER making it about her or us for the matter. She wiped my tears constantly reassuring me that I will one day have everything I deserve. She didn't care I was weeping about someone else, she only cared about me and my broken heart. She owed me nothing yet gave me everything!

She helped me move out of an apartment that was just very dark and sad. She supported me getting a new job when my employer moved to another state. I had a car accident that totaled my car, she drove me to work every day until I got a replacement. I was hurt and she cared for me, finding ways to ease my pain, taking me to appointments and to run errands. Before I knew it, she was full on taking care of me. Having my back as I climbed out of the darkness of heartache I was in. A true act of love.

We then tried to pursue a romantic relationship, but it was very hard for me to let her in at first. She didn't give up on me. She kept trying and trying. NEVER leaving me or giving up on the possibility of romance. Trying to show me that it still existed and that I could have love again. She worked hard on mending my heart, gaining my trust, and in trying to do so, we have built so many memories based on true feelings and true want for happiness. She was trying so hard to make me happy, it made me start to thing about her and her needs. She has made so many sacrifices that I can write forever about. This made me start to see her and want to give her back was she was giving me. It was a natural act for me. I did it because unbeknownst to me, I was in LOVE with Elsa. Just when I thought it was impossible, she somehow found a way into my heart. When I finally gave into that, so many changes happened in my life!

At a John Legend concert, in front of tons of strangers, with the very last song he sang (all of me) she asked me to marry her! It was completely unexpected and such an amazing surprise! If you knew her, you would know that she is a very private person and this public display is very unusual. (I have a video if wanted) It showed how deeply she really loved me. Not only that, with all our struggles, she has just purchased me my first home! A dream that I thought would EVER come true. Although, we are going through financial hardship and are struggling through the transitions, we are happy to build our ongoing project, with love, for our lil family. She works relentlessly to make our dreams come true working day in and day out on our home between work and our day to day responsibilities. Everything we have is going into our dream home. It has pushed back any wedding plans, but she reminds me every day how she can't wait to be united in marriage and call me her wife. I must admit that I can not wait to do the same, but I fear with cost of a wedding, that we will be waiting a long long time. We have even considered eloping just to be united in marriage, but we weren't sure where we would start to find someone/somewhere to marry a lesbian couple.

I could go on an one about the sacrifices made. Elsa coming out for me has been the most selfless act anyone has ever done for me. It has not been easy for her, but it shows how real her feelings are for me. In saving me, she has found herself and her purpose and I'm honored to be chosen by her. She is truly my hero. I want her to know she made the right choice in choosing us!

This is why this wedding would mean so much to us and is so much deserved by my hardworking fiance Elsa who has gone above and beyond for me. I want her to see that all her sacrifices are worth it as I love her just as much and would do anything for her as she has done for me. She has no idea I am doing this. She would just die if this happened for us. She is not used to anyone ever helping her or giving her anything. Yet she constantly is giving to not only me, but anyone she cares about. I want her to know and feel that this bond is for life and that she is the most amazing, hardworking woman I have ever met and that all her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. She deserves to it all and if I could give it to her I would with all of me. Please consider us and our union for this contest, I can NOT express what you would be doing for a couple that is very much in love and want very badly to be united in marriage and be recognized by all that we are one!

WE really would love our Forever After Wedding & Honeymoon to make our love story complete!

I appreciate your time and consideration



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