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I met my fiance the summer we were going into our sophomore year of high school. At that time I was dating her best friend, and had never even heard of Gallatin county as I was from the small town of Bedford kentucky. I'm not too big into church or people for that matter but my girlfriend Tiffany wanted me to meet her best friend, and it was during summer bible school in gallatin county kentucky that she decided it was time. It wasn't until the middle of the day that I was introduced to chelsey, but she caught my eye before we were even introduced. She was a tomboy, and had the prettiest smile. I sat two pews behind her while the preacher was doing his thing and I couldn't take my eyes off the back of her head. I know that sounds creepy but I was so drawn to her it was ridiculous. By the end of the day I had beaten her in dodge ball and was being driven to her house for her yearly summer birthday pool party. I know it was awful and wrong but I couldn't help myself, I took her in the back room at her aunts house and kissed her. From that day on the only woman I ever had eyes for was her. Granted we were in high school, counties apart so of course, we drifted. I still thought about her every damn day. My senior year when I turned 18 I dated the wrong guy got pregnant and had a beautiful little girl. When she had just turned 2 months I had the urge to find out how chelsey was doing. I found her number in my email and that was that, she fell in love with our daughter and was the best mother for paige I could have ever asked for. This March will be 4 years together and 9 years we've been crazy in love. We have our ups and downs but I've never met someone more pure hearted and more beautiful in my life. She's my soul, and I couldn't imagine where mine and paige's life would be without her constant support and love.



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