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HI name is Brandy and my fiancée Is Deb. I met Deb over a year and a half ago . I lived in Rhode Island and I took a trip to Utah to visit my best friend that I grew up with and lost contact with for 18 years. On my vacation out to Utah is when my friend introduced her to me. We hit it off right away . The part that makes this a fairy tale to me is i am paralyzed in a wheelchair for the rest of my life . I never thought anyone could love or except me for me so I was not looking for anything more then a friendship because I figured I'm disabled she be with someone without all the challenges I live with day to day. Deb also had been going through her own battles. She had lost her partner of over 7 years . When sherry past away she said she would never love again . Deb put herself in a box living agree with everyone . Well then I came along and because we both had so much of the same thoughts of being alone for the rest of our lives we talked more and more everyday to lift each other up. We'll now a year and a half later I moved from Rhode Island to utah and we are now engaged .! It's very hard to have a dream wedding to afford it to happen I live on disability and I don't work . I can contribute to anything financially . She works 100 hours a week to just make ends meet . So to win this dream wedding we can finally say fate is bigger then we ever thought we could imagine. She loves me for me and sees right past the wheelchair and she is proud to say I'm her future wife . That alone melts my heart. They say things happen for a reason well we are proof of that.

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