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Good Morning,

My name is Octavia and I am currently engaged to Bianca. I am a military member (12 years and counting) and she is a sous chef. We are in a long distance relationship however I believe we spend more time together then some couple who live in the same city. I'm currently stationed in Del Rio Texas and she's from and lives in Dallas Texas (yes I know that's AT LEAST a 6 1/2 hour drive). One day I (Octavia) was home alone bored so I decided to check my TiVo, I have so many things on auto-record that I forget to watch all of them and I have to play catch up. So while browsing through my TiVo listing I noticed that I need to get caught up on one of my favorite shows Cheaters..... So here I am on the couch being what I like to call a "Saturday slob" with my laptop on my lap and the T.V remote in my hand and I click on this episode..... the date was August 22nd 2014 and there she is as beautiful and distraught as ever. The show was about her live in girlfriend who was cheating on her with an old roommate and neither of them showed any remorse. I couldn't believe it, but at the same time I couldn't get too emotional because that's typically the story line of most of the episodes. So my curiosity began to get the best of me and it just wouldn't leave me alone (which was unusual since I watch that show all of the time), my gut kept telling me to go and look her up, so I did, I googled her and found her facebook page. I later found out that she was an entertainer so I thought "oh boy"....... After finding her page I saw a screenshot of the Cheaters episode on her page (which was over a year old, so I guess I was a little late) and I posted the comment "I know I'm a year late but poor sugafoooot" and then casually went on about my day. I had no intention of pursuing her or even interacting with her. So I continued to watched the remainder of TiVoed episodes and played around on Facebook as I always do in my Saturday slob mode and thought nothing more of the incident. And the next thing I know BLOOP! I get a message, the picture looks familiar but the page name is different, then it hit me..... It was HER! Again I had NO INTENTION on ever interacting with her, I post random comments on people's pages all of the time, I'm just random like that but anywho I thought "well alright". So her message pops up "Hey" and I responded "Hey what's up" and she responded "You, I need your number" and I said "Oh yeah why is that?" And she responded "Because you're beautiful" and from there I thought "Oh isn't she smooth (insert sarcastic smirk). I gave her my number thinking we wouldn't make it past a conversation, little did I know that I was talking to my soulmate. So here we are 5 months later planning a wedding, I drive to see her at a minimum every other weekend. I take a 6 1/2 to 8 hour drive every other (sometimes every) Friday after work and I make the drive back home early afternoon that following sunday. I know we haven't been together that long but for the first time ever EVERYTHING about us just feels right.

Extra info: We also have a joint youtube channel (ohyeahitsbandt) and a joint instagram account (ohyeahitsbandt) our goal is to share our LDR journey and show everyone it is possible to maintain a loving relationship even when life doesn't permit you to be around each other as much as you'd like to be. Regardless of what the outcome of the contest is thank you for even considering us.




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