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My name is Meredith (with hat) and my lovely partner's name is Angél. We plan on being married soon! We got engaged the first week we started dating. How we met:
We met on and searching for love. I have been single going on 4 years and Angel has been single for almost 2 years. We almost gave up hope that we would never find our twin flame till that fateful day! We instantly fell in love and knew that after one date we would be together forever!

A little bit about me. I am 41 years old and love life ! I was diagnosed with MS two years ago and I thought my world was shattered. I woke up one day and was paralyzed from the waist down and rushed to the ER. There I was Diagnosed with MS. After months of Physical Therapy and taking care of myself I was finally able to walk again. My MS is now in remission Thank the Heavens!!!

Being single was hard for me. When I would start to date someone I would share with them my struggles of having MS and then they would leave. Obviously they were NOT the partner the Universe wanted me to be with. Then I met Angel! The first time we spoke I shared with her about my disability and she said it didn't scare her that she falls in love with the person's soul not what they can't do but focus' on the positive! Right there and then I knew she was the one.

We are currently engaged with rings! And looking at getting married on November 7 2015. November 7th is the same day we started seeing one another officially. We both have jobs and are saving our money for our wedding but would love to have some help financially with our wedding! We are hard working women who love life and people! We love everyone with abundance of love for all!
Meredith and Angel



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