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My name is Amanda and my wonderful fiancé is Gabrielle. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to a new town over two years ago. Alone and bored I searched for some local karaoke spots and I chose the right one. It was my turn to sing and as I started my song she ran up to see who was singing. (She says because it was so good it didn't sound like karaoke...but let's just leave that as her opinion lol) before my song was over she ran away being so shy!! Now I am also a shy person so I needed a bit of "courage" to at least say hi. By the time I was ready I just blatantly said.....hi you're a classy pickup line if I ever heard one. I screwed up I thought and I started to panic but she replied with a huge smile "yes!! Thanks for noticing!" I gave her my number..she got it wrong and I didn't hear from her so i thought she didn't care to speak to me. I was wrong. Two weeks later I ran into her at the same place. She had told me she got it wrong and called some random man. Lol! She even tried to find me on Facebook but didn't have my last name. As it goes on we have been together for over two years since September 26, 2012, and nor a day goes by that I don't love her more and more. - Amanda



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