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Dear Selection Team,

Hello, and Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this finds you well.

Unbeknownst to them, I am writing to enter my best friend, Kate, and her fiancee, Alyssa, in your amazing contest. Kate and Alyssa's love story is a true love story, as well as a triumph in both of their lives.

In 2007, Kate was dating another woman, Sarah, with whom she thought she would spend her life. Tragically, in June of that year, Kate and Sarah were in a car accident, which took Sarah's life. In a word, it was completely devastating. Kate recovered from her injuries, minus her broken heart. In spite of that, Kate found the strength to attend police academy shortly thereafter, and began a career in law enforcement. As the years went on, she dated here and there, but as her best friend, I knew she had not found her special angel.

After enduring the loss of her girlfriend, the next three years would bring more devastation in Kate's life: the sudden death of her father in 2011, and another sudden death, this time Kate's mother, in 2012. Kate's strength has amazed all of us around her. Ever forward, Kate picked up the pieces of her broken heart again, and continued on. As her best friend, I had many moments of worry, yet because Kate is so strong, I also found comfort in somehow knowing that she would be okay. One thing that I always wished, hoped, and prayed for was that a very special woman would somehow find her way into Kate's life. Someone just as strong, but compassionate and sensitive to Kate's past, and a firm supporter of her future and dreams. And one day, there appeared Alyssa.

Alyssa had a bumpy road to love herself, often feeling that she would never meet "the one". Kate and Alyssa, both having endured quite a lot, both decided to go out on a whim when a mutual friend set them up on a blind date. The first time I met Alyssa, it was so easy to feel that she was undoubtedly sent to Kate from Kate's angels in heaven. Alyssa is truly everything Kate deserves, and vice versa. They share an incredible love that is marked with humor, adventure, understanding, and a strong devotion to the other. Theirs is among the most beautiful connections I have ever seen. I often think that if Sarah, along with Kate's Mom and Dad, all got together to design a perfect partner for Kate, Alyssa would be the polished, perfect, finished product!

Last summer, Kate secretly had a porch swing, something Alyssa has always wanted, engraved with the title of their song, "Come Away With Me...". Kate secretly took off from work one beautiful Friday and we hung the swing, and got everything ready - flowers, wine, music, and of course the beautiful antique ring Kate selected for Alyssa, and waited for her to come home. Kate texted Alyssa and told her to meet her on the front porch. When Alyssa saw the swing, flowers, and wine, in true Alyssa form, her eyes welled up. Kate brought her to the swing and had her sit down. On one knee, Kate asked Alyssa to spend the rest of her life with her as their song played in the background. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments life could muster! (See attached photos :) )

While life is so much richer for the two of them now that they have found each other at last, recently, Alyssa's father, a Vietnam Veteran, has taken a turn for the worse. He has not been given much time to live, nor does he have much in this world. Alyssa and her sisters have taken over his care, and are bracing themselves for what is to come.

In the midst of all of this, they have been trying to plan a wedding. Most of us are lucky enough to have parents to help us financially as we plan our dream day. Kate and Alyssa only have Alyssa's mom, and whatever they will be able to scrape together from their earnings. While many friends and family members have come forward to donate their talents and time, I think these two special women deserve nothing but the best on the day they seal their love story! I can assure you you will never find a more deserving and grateful couple.

Please help. Please help make Kate and Alyssa's day a dream come true, just what they deserve!!!

Thank you, thank you for your consideration, and for offering this wonderful opportunity. I am happy to answer any questions and do whatever I can to assist the selection team in any way! I will attach photographs to this e-mail and will provide the required information below.

Thank you! Please pick them!! They are the best, you won't regret it :)

Sincerely Yours,




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