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Chris Ferenzi Photography

Washington, DC LGBT Wedding Photographer

Let me capture the best things about you!

Specializing in photojournalistic style images and gay, lesbian, LGBT weddings.  Chris who? Chris Ferenzi. That’s me. “Hey, that sounds Italian!” you say, but don’t be fooled! It’s not. It’s Hungarian. “But there’s a city in Italy called Ferenzi!” Nope! “Firenze”. Swap the E and the I. Trust me. Not Italian.  I like light. I like texture. I like moments. I like the emotion infusing it all.  

Website: Chris Ferenzi  |   Contact: Christopher Ferenzi  |   Phone: (202) 417-6995

Washington DC LGBT Wedding Photographer

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Photos from the Harty

Washington DC LGBT Wedding Photographer

Photos from the Harty was founded by Sara (Hartenstine) Alepin in 2005 after she graduated with a BA in Art Studio & Education. Inspired by this career path, she began her MFA in Photography & Digital Imaging soon after. We specialize in all types of weddings, elopements, events, engagements, and portraits. Photos from the Harty is based in the DC area, but are happy to photograph anywhere on the planet!

Website: Photos From the Harty   |   Contact: Sara Alepin    |   Phone: 410-693-0024   

Washington DC Gay Wedding Photographer

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Denis Largeron Photographie

Washington DC Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

Photographer. French. Gay. INFJ. Awesome.

Bienvenue! There's just something about the chemistry between two different people and that bond they commit to, together. It's just beautiful. It's life changing. And who doesn't like a party? :) So let's have fun. Let's have one of the best day of your life. Let's get married! This is your Story...

Website: Denis Largeron   |   Contact: Denis Largeron     

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