Ordained Minister & Justice of the Peace for Poetic Matrimony


Love, Light & Music, LLC

North Brandford, Connecticut LGBT Wedding Officiant

Justice of the Peace performing same-sex marriage ceremonies throughout Connecticut & Other Destination Sites

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Crafting and officiating poetic matrimony from simple or secular ~ to spiritual and sacred

Love Light & Music provides custom and personalized weddings with music

Debra is a Justice of the Peace, ordained as Clergy through the Universalist Life Church, and a singer/songwriter, providing a unique opportunity for a spiritually uplifting, economical and coordinated wedding within any tradition.  


I love helping capture and craft the sweetness of the unfolding of a couple’s public commitment 

Whether simple, secular, spiritual, inspirational, or religious, it becomes a moment to cherish forever. I consider words as poetry, capable of lifting the moments of your nuptials, however embellished you wish them to be. I consider my job to be that of support, inspiration, and incorporating vows and traditions to meet you where you wish to be when you exchange your vows.

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At the core, my message is to trust that love and light are worth striving for, in all aspects, and that music is a divine, sweet and joyful vehicle to do that.

Song requests are honored, however if you are looking for song ideas that have enhanced many a heartfelt ceremony, please see the list  of song samples. Any song can be customized by length. Check out the video of My Beloved, the song I wrote for weddings and renewal of vows ceremonies.  

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My musical orientation was shaped largely by the singer-songwriters of the 1960s and 70s

Over the decades, I have performed folk, rock, jazz, and even disco. The common denominator has always been a desire to connect so that others could feel music as I do; and from that experience, be able to make it their own.  

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