EnGAYged Weddings, Inc. is Hiring Sales Reps!

On-Line LGBT Wedding Advertising Sales Representative

Sales Executive - EnGAYged Weddings Inc.


www.EnGAYgedWeddings.com is a Florida based corporation that serves as an on-line LGBT wedding directory first launched back in 2009 when only one U.S. state was legal for same-sex marriage. We sell custom built on-line advertisements throughout the U.S. and internationally to travel, hospitality and wedding businesses who are interested in providing services and support to LGBT couples planning their weddings and honeymoons.


We are looking to hire a top sales performer with an enthusiastic personality. If you are a great fit for this position, you will be highly motivated to take action, you will be full of energy and you will enjoy interacting with people over the phone and via e-mail.


Job duties will include:

Delivering an "EnGAYging" sales pitch over the phone to our potential Advertisers. You will not be reading from a script. We expect you to first visit the potential Advertiser's website and then to call them and to talk to them to learn about their business. People love to talk about themselves - that will be your intro. And... If they are a good match for our LGBT couples.... how we can best assist them with their on-line advertising needs based on what you have learned about them.


You will be responsible for maintaining existing Advertiser's accounts (renewals) and maximizing our current customer relationships. Leads will be provided to you, renewal clients will be provided to you and cold calling to acquire new Advertisers will also be expected of you.



You will receive hourly compensation plus 15% commission after your weekly sales quota has been met ($2,333.00 in total advertising sales). You will be guaranteed $350 dollars weekly in financial compensation and potentially up to $900 (or more) per week based on your total weekly advertising sales.


This is not a work from home position. Hours are Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5PM. Payroll is ran weekly. This position could lead to full-time salary with commission, bonuses and benefits if we are a good match.


Our current average sale is $299 but can be considerably higher with add-ons and upgrades (multi-state / country listings, multi-wedding service category listings, banner advertising). If you would like to get an idea of what our advertising prices are please visit www.GayWeddingAdvertising.com



EnGAYged Weddings is the largest verified LGBT-Friendly Wedding Directory on the internet, with clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, and the U.K. We are also expanding throughout Europe, Australia, & New Zealand. Our advertising client list includes Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Disney, DoubleTree...


The most important thing that we do as an on-line directory is making certain that same-sex couples searching the internet for wedding services find our LGBT-friendly wedding advertisers. EnGAYgedWeddings.com is the highest ranking LGBT Wedding Directory on Google - 98% of all our targeted keywords are # 1 on Google.


How To Apply:

Please visit the EnGAYgedWeddings.com site and take a look around to get an idea of what we do as a wedding directory. We are strongest in the oldest legal marriage equality states so I recommend visiting the New York section of our wedding directory by clicking on the state of NY from our home page map. On the left hand side of the New York state page you will notice several large logos under the heading: "Spotlight on Our Newest Vendors!" - please click on those and take a look at the on-line brochure pages that we create for our wedding Advertisers.


These custom built on-line brochure pages are examples of what you will be selling. We currently work with our advertisers, design from scratch and hand-code about 100 of these custom built advertisements each month.


If you think that EnGAYged Weddings, Inc may be a good match for you please tell us WHY in your cover letter. We are especially interested to hear your view point on same-sex marriage and weddings as that would be something you would be discussing with our potential Advertisers. We have learned that if we are passionate and enthusiastic about equal human rights and the wedding industry - it will be contagious and have a positive impact! To schedule an interview please call us toll-free at 1-855-IDO-LGBT (1-855-436-5428).


If you think that EnGAYgedWeddings.com may be a good match for you please tell us WHY in your cover letter.


Please e-mail your cover letter, resume, contact information and work samples to:



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