How to Get a Colorado Same-Sex Marriage License & Same-Sex Marriage Certificate

Lesbian & Gay Marriage in Colorado - Same-Sex Marriage Colorado



When do Same-Sex Marriages in Colorado become Legal?

The Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Act will take effect on May 1, 2013, and couples will be able to apply for a Same-Sex Marriage license beginning that day.


What is a Colorado Same-Sex Marriage?

A Same-Sex Marriage is a legal relationship granted by the state of Colorado. Couples who enter into a Same-Sex Marriage in Colorado are entitled to the same benefits and protections that state law provides to married couples.


Where do we get a Colorado Same-Sex Marriage License?

You will need to apply to one of the Colorado County Clerk's Offices. The previous link has both a clickable map and an alphabetical list of Colorado county offices contact information and websites. Regardless of which county office you choose you will be required to fill out the Colorado Same-Sex Marriages Application Form


How much does a Colorado Same-Sex Marriage License Cost?

Check or cash to pay the $30 fee. Credit cards are not accepted. Certified copies of Same-Sex Marriage licenses are available upon request for $1.25 each.


Can my Colorado Same-Sex Marriage License Expire?

Yes. After applying, if everything is in order, you will be issued a Same-Sex Marriage license, which may be used immediately upon issuance anywhere within Colorado but is valid only for 35 days after issuance.


What do we need to bring with us to the County Clerk's Office?

  • One of these valid forms of identification: U.S. driver’s license or permit, U.S. state issued ID, U.S. military ID, or Passport (with certified English language translation if non‐English). You may NOT present a birth certificate, a baptismal certificate, or a Mexican Consular ID. Please note that your form of ID must be currently valid. No expired ID will be accepted.
  •  Social Security Number: If you have a social security number, you are required to provide it. If either party doesn’t have a social security number, they are not required to have one to enter into a Same-Sex Marriage.
  • The place of birth (city and state) of each of your parents. No documentation is required, just a verbal response.
  •  A check or cash to pay the $30 fee. Credit cards are not accepted. Certified copies of Same-Sex Marriage licenses are available upon request for $1.25 each.


Who can enter into a Colorado Same-Sex Marriage?

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age. Anyone 18 years of age or over who has a legal guardian must have written consent from that guardian. Written consent must be presented at the time of application.
  • Applicants must not be married or in a Same-Sex Marriage with someone other than the person with whom they are applying.
  •  The applicants must not be related as siblings, uncle and niece, uncle and nephew, aunt and niece, or aunt and nephew.


Do we both need to apply for a license?

Both applicants should visit the office of your County Clerk & Recorder with the above referenced information in hand. If one party is unable to appear in person, the absent party must complete an absentee application, which must be notarized. The party appearing in person must present on the behalf of the absent intended partner: the completed and notarized absentee application and a clear and legible photocopy of one of the above referenced forms of identification.


What do we do with the Colorado Same-Sex Marriage License?

  • Get your Same-Sex Marriage certified by a judge of a court, a retired judge, a court magistrate, a public official whose powers include certification of Same-Sex Marriages, a Native American tribe official, or clergy. The certifying official will complete your Same-Sex Marriage certificate, attesting that your Same-Sex Marriage certification has been performed lawfully.
  • Return your Same-Sex Marriage license and your completed Same-Sex Marriage certificate to your County Clerk & Recorder within 63 days for recording. Do not separate the certificate from the license. Recording enters your Same-Sex Marriage into our records for future reference, and the original form will be returned to you at the return address you provided in your application. 


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