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New York, NY 10036

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Hudson Grove  &  Co.

Fine Diamond Jewelry Designed for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community

Made in the USA - Eco-Friendly & Socially Responsible


Hudson Grove & Co. Fine Diamond Jewelry

Oldest Ecommerce Retailer to the LGBT Community

Hudson Grove & Co. is a manufacturer of fine diamond jewelry. We are the oldest ecommerce retailer catering in fine jewelry to the LGBT community. Located in the heart of the New York Jewelry District, HG&Co. has experience in years of online service. We display and sell the latest styling and fashion forward designs to the community all over the world.


Eco-Friendly Gold & Diamond Jewelry 

With over 35 years of jewelry experience, HG&Co. proudly proclaims to be the first manufacturer of eco-friendly jewelry. Our gold is recycled from the earth's existing gold supply. We do not use any newly mined gold in our jewelry manufacturing process.


All diamonds used in HG&Co. jewelry is guaranteed conflict free. We take great care that our cutters use only approved materials available on the market. Most importantly, we are extremely conscious of not only an environmental impact, but also a socially responsible one.


Diamond Jewelry Made in the USA 

With jewelry these days, mostly being manufactured and handled offshore, we pride ourselves on bringing jobs back to the US by manufacturing all of our jewelry locally. We take seriously our part in supporting and encouraging the country's economy by making and selling products that are environmentally and socially sustainable.


Committed to the LGBT Community 

Lastly, our commitment to the LGBT community has been ongoing. The social responsibility to enhance equality and fairness is of paramount importance to us.


LGBT Jewelry Designer Ronny Tennenbaum

Committed to His Partner for 16 Years 

Rony Tennenbaum, 44, has been designing jewelry for over two decades. His 16 year relationship to his partner is part of the reason he recently decided to make his same- sex wedding/anniversary ring collections accessible online.


Jewelry Designed with Fashion in Mind Yet Driven by Classic & Timeless Features 

His designs are built with fashion in mind yet driven by classic and timeless features. The passion for creating jewelry that represents a bond between two human beings is what drives his work today.


Rony Tennenbaum Creates Symbols of Love 

The potential of making hundreds and possibly thousands of couples rejoice and seal their bond of a life together, with his symbols of love, thrills him.


"There is something gratifying about designing a couple's wedding rings. Not only do these rings represent their love for one another, but I like to think they will be wearing these symbols of love for the rest of their lives together!" ~ Rony  


Eco-Responsible Jewelry Design 

Social and eco-responsibilities have always been a driving force in his work, but never as strong as they are today. By using EcoGold, he guarantees that no new toxins or waste materials are dumped into the environment.


This also empowers the wearer with a knowledge that they have contributed to a cleaner world. Also, his strong beliefs in bringing well needed jobs back to USA encouraged him to make sure all his jewelry is made locally.  


Strong Supporter of Marriage Equality  

Of course his stand on Marriage Equality and the necessity for equal rights have also been a factor in his endless efforts for getting the word out and achieving what has only been a dream for many gay couples for so many years, the right to MARRY.


"I am an avid believer that everyone has a natural birth right to wed, under their own personal belief system and confess their love before the world in any manner they choose, and in turn society has an obligation to accept every union, commitment, partnership, marriage equally without prejudice or judgment." ~ Rony
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