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Gay Weddings Lake Tahoe

Oneness of Love Gay & Lesbian Lake Tahoe Union Ceremony Packages

LGBT Wedding Planning


Beautiful Same-Sex Commitments at Lake Tahoe

A day as lovely as the lake...

Gay Weddings Tahoe specializes in unique and stress-free Gay Wedding Ceremonies for every season. Matching perfect wedding ceremonies with the magnificence of the Sierra outdoors, including one of the most beautiful natural locations in the world, Emerald Bay, our ministry prides itself on taking all your worries away. We pay special attention to all the details of your ceremony, leaving you to enjoy an unforgettable day by the lake.


Worry Free Lake Tahoe Lesbian & Gay Wedding Ceremonies

We have conducted gay and lesbian Wedding Ceremonies for years, and our staff is happy to customize the details of your package to fit your ceremony and occasion. We take our time to ensure that your day is best, memorable, and enjoyable!


Relax and Enjoy Your Day at the Lake

We'll help make your day a cherished, memorable event. A luxurious Lincoln limousine, picks you up and takes you on a relaxing ride to and from your ceremony. Enjoy the complementary champagne and toasting glasses as you experience the beauty of Tahoe.


Our gifted photographer is able to capture the magic of the moment at your Lake Tahoe Gay Wedding Ceremony; a color television in the limousine allows you to view your remarkable photographs instantly.


Our Notary makes paperwork easy, and can issue your wedding license on the spot.


Please look at our Lake Tahoe Ceremony Packages for more details on how you can plan the day of your dreams.


Minister Reverend Dorie Believes Your Ceremony Should Be a Magical, Unforgettable Experience

Our Reverend Dorie chooses to live in the Lake Tahoe basin for its mystical beauty, and believes your wedding should be a magical, unforgettable experience. The Reverend's ceremony is heartfelt and she respects the power of love as two people join their lives together.


The Reverend would love to lead you to a beautiful and enchanting location. You may pick one of Dorie's favorites or choose one of your liking. She never takes for granted how important this day is for you. Reverend Dorie would be honored to be part of your sacred event.


The Diamond Wedding Package

Notary service, professional state-of-the-art digital photography, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more!


Our Diamond Wedding package offers pampered limousine service in our white Lincoln Wedding Coach. Your chauffeur will pick up your party and take you on a delightful drive to your wedding event.


The Minister, her photographer and staff, will meet & debark your party and lead you in a procession to your special ceremonial location. Everything required for a best , worry-free wedding event will be provided by The Oneness of Love, including Wedding License and notary service, professional state-of-the-art digital photography, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more.


The Newlyweds and their guests will then be whisked away for a champagne drive (nonalcoholic cider on offer as well) to the hotel, reception, or after-wedding destination of their choice.


Compact Disc(s) containing all your digital photography will be mailed to your home the very next day, or you may have it delivered to your hotel or lodgings. For your peace of mind, your wedding imagery will archived by The Oneness of Love for a minimum of one year in case of loss.


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